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How To Whiten Teeth Fast

How to Whiten teeth

5. Quit Smoking

Most of you will not believe it but this is true. Smoking is an important cause of staining of your teeth. It not only affects your teeth but your overall health too. The tobacco present in the cigarette stains your tooth enamel and then afterwards it is very hard to remove those stains. 

6. Daily Maintenance

Don’t forget to brush twice a day. After having a meal or after drinking any beverage, just rinse your mouth with water. Use mouthwash which have a better reputation and don’t forget to floss. There are some better grades of mouthwash available in the market. You can use one of them as they help in getting rid of bad smell as well as help in teeth whitening.

How to whiten teeth
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7. Regular Checkups 

See your dentist after some short interval of time every month. The regular checkups and professional cleaning can help you in getting back your natural teeth whitening. The dentist can also alert you if there is any problem in your teeth so that you can take some action.

8. Swap Your Toothbrush

You must change your toothbrush after every 3 months or when you see the bristles begin to bend and look worn down because after that your toothbrush is not cleaning your teeth properly. Even doctors say that every toothbrush must be changed after 3 months of use. 


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