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How To Whiten Teeth Fast

How to Whiten teeth

The first question of everyone now-a-days is How to whiten teeth? Everyone wants to get rid of the yellowish layer which is present on the teeth. Due to that yellow layer on our teeth, everyone thinks that we are not keeping our teeth clean and we are not doing any oral care. Whiter teeth adds a charm in our personality and looks cool. Teeth Whitening is not difficult if proper care is taken. Here are some natural teeth whitening tricks which anyone can try at home. 

Tips For Natural Teeth Whitening

1. Better Toothpaste

This is one of the easiest method to whiten teeth. You need to get a toothpaste which is recommended by most of doctors for teeth Whitening. These toothpastes have chemicals which helps in removing the yellowish layer present on your teeth. Brush twice a day for better results.

2. Teeth Whitening Strips

Natural teeth whitening strips are available in the market. You just need to put that strip on your teeth. The strips contain peroxide based whitening gel which helps your teeth in getting whiter. You have to use the stripes about 2-3 weeks and the whitening on your teeth lasts for about a year.

3. Old Home Remedies

Some people still prefer the old home remedies in which baking soda and lemon juice is mixed together and then it is applied on the teeth to get natural white teeth. Some fruits like apples, pears, celery etc. also helps a lot in natural teeth whitening.

4. Prevent Staining Of Teeth

The most easy method is to stay away from foods which stains your teeth. If you are avoiding stains in the starting, then there will be no problems afterwards. Eating foods like pickles, chocolates etc. damages your teeth. So you will have to take care of your teeth by choosing what to eat and what not to. 


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