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Unknown Tips To Get Clean And Clear Skin

Unknown Tips To Get Clean And Clear Skin

Who does not want clean and clear skin? Everyone desires it and want it. Clear and clean skin is everybody desires and there are many ways to achieve it. Some are born with clean and clear skin. Following are some of the ways to get that clean and clear skin:

Drink Green Tea

Drinking green tea daily is very beneficial for your skin. Green tea has many benefits, start drinking green tea if you want clean and clear skin:

Here is a list of all the health benefits of drinking green tea:

  • Green tea boots your metabolism rate by four percent.
  • According to a study, you can lose sixty pound in a year just by drinking green tea.
  • Green tea also fights cancer.
Drink more water
Unknown Tips To Get Clean And Clear Skin
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We know that you have heard this “drink more water”, probably a thousand times but it is important to understand as to why drinking more water is necessary? Let’s take a look at the benefits of drinking more water:

As you start drinking more water you will notice that your metabolism is maximised.

Drinking less water can slow down your metabolism.

Drinking  more water increases your energy level, and push you to exercise.

Bottom Line

Start drinking at least seven or eight glass of water daily if you want clean and clear skin.

Sleep Well

Sleep is very significant for clean and clear skin. When you sleep for more than  six hours, your body starts releasing growth hormones which is good for your skin, it makes your face glow. Change your routine, instead of a hard workout go for  a long walk.

Protein, Fat and Vegetables

A person generally eat three times day, in morning, afternoon and at night. If you want a clean and clear skin then you have to follow the same. You do not have to skip any of the main three meals as these are significant. Just instead of eating junk add protein, a fat source and low-carb vegetable in your meals. If you start eating this way then this will automatically make your skin good.

Here is a list of protein sources:

Unknown Tips To Get Clean And Clear Skin
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Meat: Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, bacon etc.

  • Fish and seafood: Salmon, trout, shrimps, lobsters etc.
  • Eggs: Omega 3 enriched or pastured eggs.

Eating protein is really beneficial for your skin, as this has shown to boost metabolism by 80 to 100 calories per day. Another reason is that consuming high protein diet can reduce obsessive thoughts about food by 60%, can also reduce desire for late-night snack by half, just by add protein in your diet.


Low-carb vegetables

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Kale
  • Brussels sprout
  • Cabbage
  • Swiss chard
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber
  • Celery

You can eat all of these low-carb vegetables as much as you want without a second thought.

And, here is a list of fat sources:

  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Butter
  • Tallow

If you feel hungry in the afternoon or evening you can eat a light snack just make sure it’s healthy. The best oil to use for cooking is coconut oil. It is rich in fat called Medium Chain Triglycerides ( MCT’s ). These fats are more fulfilling and can boost your metabolism rate. These are saturated fats and are not harmful for your health.

Bottom Line

Add protein, low-carb vegetable and a fat source this will lower your insulin level drastically which will make your skin glow and you can have a clean and clear skin.

Wash your face twice a day

Not try but, you should wash your face twice a day! Yes, you can do it, it’s not so hard, well you have to if you want a clear and clean skin. Remember to wash your face in a gentle manner and in circular motion. And after washing your face use a clean towel to wipe your face. DO NOT USE  a dirty towel as this is the place where bacteria lives ( literally ) and can cause pimples.

Points to remember

  • Scrub your face at least once  a week to help exfoliate. Exfoliating means wiping off the dead skin and layers and layers of dead cells. Doing this once a week is healthy as well as great for your skin.
  • DO NOT FORGET to use a moisturizer after washing your face it is very important. Like any other body part your face also needs to be healthy and keeping it moisturized is one way to do it.
Try not to touch your face at all

Yes….it is true! Touching your face with your dirty hands can cause pimples. And if pimples are already present than it can cause them to grow. So, stop touching your face. Stop touching your face if you want a clean and clear skin.

Work out like you mean it

Exercise is a great way to get rid of pimples which will obviously give you clean and clear skin. We will tell you how? When you exercise you sweat and your body releases stress. And stress is assumed to contribute to the formation of pimples. Although it has not been find out how but it does.

Points to remember

  • Find a healthy way to release stress. Opt for a sport, like you can play badminton, football or cricket. Join a sports team, go to gym, go for a walk, just push your body to do certain kinds of exercises which it does not want to do. Simple. All of this will help you get a clearer skin.
  • After you have done exercise, shower immediately. When you exercise you sweat which can cause pimples.

There is no need to explain as to why you should use garlic to get rid of pimple. But still let us tell you garlic’s benefit. Garlic is an antiviral, anti – fungal, anti – septic and antioxidant agent that can help you get rid of pimples fast. The sulfur present in garlic also help in getting rid of pimples.

Use Astringents

Astringents are agents that cause the skin to get smaller or contract. Buy those astringents which contains antimicrobial ingredients  as they help in fighting pimples and reduce the size of a pimple, in short you can have the clean and clear skin Here we are providing you a list of astringents which you can use :

Points to remember

  • Store bought astringents: You can buy astringents from any store to get rid of pimple. It comes in all shapes and sizes. But try to buy those which contains benzoyl acid and salilyc acid. Ask for those astringents which are gentle for every skin type.
  • Natural astringents which you can make at your home
  • Lemon juice:  The citric acid  ( which lemon contains ) kills the bacteria that cause pimples and makes your skin tight. Slice a lemon and gently rub it all over your face. Use a toner after it so that the PH level of your skin remains balanced. Lemon have very strong natural acid that can mess up your skin PH level, which is why a toner is recommended.
  • Banana peel:  Banana peel if rubbed on affected area can decrease irritation.
  • Witch Hazel:  Another great natural astringent which you can use to get rid of pimples is witch hazel, Yes you heard it right. Just apply it on the affected area and let it dry.
Use Some Aspirin

If you have aspirin at home ( great ) crush some aspirin tablets and add a little amount of water to it, so that it can form in to a paste. Again with the help of a q- tip apply the paste directly to your pimple. Cover your pimples properly, and let it dry itself. You can leave it overnight and let aspirin fight your pimples. Again, no pimple means clean and clear skin.

Try Tea Tree Oil

What is tea tree oil ?

Unknown Tips To Get Clean And Clear Skin
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Tea tree oil also known as melaleuca oil. This can be yellow in color or nearly colorless. Tea tree oil has many benefits, it is a famous antiseptic. It is also found in soaps, shampoos, scrubs and perfumes. It can also be used to clean your toothbrush, mold treatment, and can work as  a natural pest control. You can also add some drops of tea tree oil in your laundry for all the clothes to smell good and remain fresh.

Tea tree is an anti – bacterial essential oil that can decrease the microbes that after a pimple start building home in your pores. Same like the sea salt apply tea tree oil with the help of a q- tip directly to your pimples

Point to remember

  • Be careful, apply a limited amount of tea tree oil.
  • Tea tree oil have anti – inflammatory properties which helps in removing the redness.

Try Some Benzoyl Peroxide

What is benzoyl peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is a member of peroxide family. It consists two benzoyl. When you apply Benzoyl peroxide it enters your skin, upon contact with skin it breaks in to benzoic acid and oxygen, and this oxgen acts as a free radical in the skin destroying cells and pimples.

Benzoyl Peroxide will help you get rid of pimples. As this kills the bacteria which contributes to the formation of pimples. Benzoyl Peroxide comes in different concentrations, but benzoyl peroxide with a 2.5 concentration is as effective as five to six percent formulations, and it is less irritating to the skin. Benzoyl peroxide is also helpful in peeling away layers of dead skin, leaving brighter  rejuvenating skin.


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