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Ultimate Tips To Gain Weight In 15 Days

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Everyone is conscious about their body and physical appearance nowadays. Some want to get those six pack abs and rigid muscles. For that every kind of measurement is taken long hours in gym, strict diet, and follow every fitness video on YouTube! A lots of individuals are working hard to rip those abs there are some people who just want to gain weight within 15 days as they cannot put on weight! So today we are going to talk about how to put on weight and that too in fifteen days! Sounds impossible but it can happen with proper diet and habits. Yes, as in order to lose weight you need a proper diet same as the case in gaining weight. What? You thought gaining weight was easy. Well, it is easy for those who have fat in their genes but not everybody is blessed with those. There are many ways to gain weight too. There are different ways to gain weight for a women and men. The reason behind this is that both men and women have different physique. But remember gaining weight in a healthy manner is very significant. First, we are going to talk about women problems.

What you eat matters :
Eat 500 calories more per day

If you start eating 500 calories more than what you eat normally it will lead to gain weight within 15 days of 0.5 kg to even 1 kg in just a week! This may seem normal but consuming this much calories can be harmful for your health.

Points to remember

  • You should consult a doctor or talk to your dietitian if you have one to know your ideal weight and then start working on your body.
  • Eat nutritional food and stick with it. Even if you want to gain weight within 15 days you should gain it by eating food that contains and are high in natural calories and have nutritional value. If you eat too much junk food or say fried food then you risk putting on unhealthy weight which can cause additional health problems.
Drink and eat more

If you want to put on weight in fifteen days then you should eat more than  normal meal count which is three i.e breakfast, lunch and dinner. You should  eat six times a day which includes three ideal meals and then enjoy snack after every meal. This will count to six meals a day.

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Points to consider

  • As a rule in order to gain weight within 15 days, do not let four hours of you waking up without eating food or snack.
  • The three meals which you eat should be equal not less or more.
  • Your meals should contain protein, starch, vitamin and fat.
  • In order to  eat  more calories than normal is a good way to gain weight within 15 days.
Increase your meal/ portion size

If you feel that six meals a day is more than enough and you cannot pull this through then there is another option. You can simply add another course to your meal or sabzi. There are many options like you can eat rice and chapatti together with one or two sabzi.

Points to remember

  • You should try both options and continue with the one which suits you more.
Eat in a fast speed

See what happens is that when you eat your food in a slow speed you are giving your body a chance to digest food which leads to make you feel fuller. So if you eat fast then your body will not realize the amount of food which you input and this way you can eat more which will obviously lead to weight gain.

Eat a snack in the middle night
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When a person is trying to lose weight then it is mostly advised to eat dinner before 7 pm but when you are trying to gain weight within 15 days doing the exact opposite of this can be beneficial for you. It’s perfectly normal to eat food after and actually good in case you are trying to gain weight. Eating dinner late and having a snack before going to bed is good for you when trying to gain weight within 15 days. By doing so you will give your body what it needs right now to gain weight within 15 days and that is extra calories!!!

Points to remember

  • During sleep human body builds lean tissue and body builds more tissue. So eating a snack right before you sleep can provide your body the nutrients which it needs to build muscles and lean tissue.
Choosing the right amount and type of food
Eat high calorie and nutrient dense food

There are certain kind of food that are nutritionally high and yet high in calories. While gaining weight opt for these foods rather than eating low calorie food from the same group.

Points to remember

  • From grains you can eat heavy breads like whole wheat, pumpernickel and dense cereals with granola. Other choices from this group are bran muffins, bagels and wheat germ.
  • From fruits you can eat more bananas, pineapples, raisins, dried food and avocados.
  • From vegetables you can eat peas, corns, potatoes and corn starch.
  • Various dairy products such as cheese, ice – cream, frozen yogurt and whole milk.
  • And as far as the protein are considered you can eat nut butters, nuts, seeds and hummus.
Drink more

Drinking more can make you feel full but they are less boosting than solid food. The best way to put on weight is by drinking high calorie drink in between meals.

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Points to consider

  • Smoothies and milk shake are ideal in case of calorie filled with drink, especially those made from 100% fruit juice and low-fat milk.
  • You can also drink milk and juice they are also good options, also protein shakes.
Use add-ins

You can add high-calorie and nutritional food into your favorite food which will add more calorie without making you feel full.

Points to remember

  • You can add and stir milk into beverages, soups, stews and sauces if you want in order to add more calories.
  • You can also add or sprinkle nuts over your salad, cereals and smoothies.
  • You can also sprinkle cheese over your favorite soups, scrambled eggs, and sandwiches this will make your food more nutritional and will help you to gain weight within 15 days.
Eat more proteins

Why we put stress on consuming more protein is because it helps your body to build mass. Muscle mass is a lean weight which means that you by eating more proteins you can gain more weight instead of eating fat.

Points to remember

  • Good source of protein-rich food include lean muscles, fish, grains, nuts and seeds.
Cook food with oil and butter

You can increase your total calorie intake by cooking your dish or food with oil or butter ( depends on your taste ). If you want to taste heaven then butter for sure and the rest depends on you. Just remember that some fats are healthier than others, there is a difference between fats also. And you should consume those fats which are beneficial for your health and which have some nutritional values rather than the ‘only contain fat’ one!

gain weight within 15 days
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Points to consider

Good fat with which you can cook food includes the following:

  • Olive oil which contains 119 calories per tablespoon.
  • Canola oil which contains 120 calories per tablespoon.
  • Butter which contains 102 calories per tablespoon.
  • These calorie count may change according to different brands.
Exercise and lifestyle changes

Quit smoking

As we all know that smoking is bad for your health. Smoking causes a lot of heath problems including lung cancer. But it is also a main factor or reason your body can not put on weight. So, if you want to put on weight, you have to quit smoking. It is extremely hard to quit smoking if you are addicted to it, but in order to be healthy and gain weight within 15 days you have to try your level best to get rid of this hazardous health issue. Nowadays there are many medicines available in the market that claims in getting a person detach from this habit.

Points to remember

gain weight within 15 days
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  • If you cannot quit smoking then the other option for you is to limit the times you smoke in a single day.
Be fully involved

We know that following a strict diet can be hard but if you want to gain weight within 15 days you really have to be fully committed to it. It may take time but it will show results. You can gain  about one to two kilograms easily and that too perfectly healthy. But consuming junk food to gain weight within 15 days is unhealthy.

Keep a track

To be more precise keep a diary or a journal. Every day after eating a meal note down what you eat and it’s calorie account too. And end of the week note down which method proved to be beneficial for you and which not, this way you can be sure as to what step or diet to follow.

Do training
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By training we mean strength training, exercise is good for your health and body as it stimulates appetite. And strength training is more significant as it allows you to gain weight within 15 days more faster in the fittest way possible.

Points to remember

  • Just remember few things, first that if you are not used to exercising then strength training might not be a good idea as your body is not comfortable with it right now. For at least two to three weeks you should do basic exercise and make a habit out of it. After a certain period, your body will start getting comfortable to exercising and then strength training will be suitable for you.
  • You should work on every major muscle group: Chest, back, hamstrings, biceps, triceps, shoulders, and quadriceps.
  • If you wish to build muscles by exercising only then consume more protein than normal.
  • Some strength training exercises include: squats, dead lifts, overhead presses, bench presses, barbell rows, dips, chin-ups and leg curls.
Get enough rest

Sleep is necessary in both case scenarios when gaining weight  and even when losing it! Get at least eight hours sleep especially if you want to eat more protein and strength training.

And now how to gain weight within 15 days tips for men

Gaining weight for men are easy as compared to women. Men can gain weight within 15 days by consuming large meals filled with nutrient values easily. Healthy weight gain does not happen overnight, but if you say start away, you are likely to see results soon.

Eat more than three meals a day
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Yup, this apply to both men and women eating more than three meals a day can increase your weight in  a healthy way and that too within 15 days but what you eat also matters. There are two cases first, in which a person metabolism works fast and second in which a person’s metabolism does not work that fast. If your metabolism works fast then you have to feed your body more food.

Eat plenty of calories

Eating more than three meals a day is not good enough, you have to eat a decided amount of calorie intake on regular basis in case of men also. Following is the diet filled with calorie you can follow:

  • A heavy breakfast consisting of  a three- egg omelette, two slices of bacon you can have it’s your choice.
  • For lunch you can eat a sandwich filled with turkey club, two bananas and salad. That seems to be enough.
  • In dinner you can have grilled steak, baked potato and few veggies.
Increase your intake of proteins, fats and carbohydrates

There are main three things or group of food you need to eat in order to be fully packed and gain weight within 15 days they are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. They all should be consumed in balance. Here are some choices you can have:

Proteins: Eggs, salmon, tuna, pork roast, pork chops, chicken breasts and thighs, ham, steaks, and beef burger.

Fats: Olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, avocadoes, almonds and walnuts.

Carbohydrates: Fruits and vegetables, beans, peas, lentils, brown rice, whole grain bread and honey.

All these food items are filled with nutrients and will help you gain weight within 15 days.

Drink plenty of water
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Water helps the body to flush out the extra toxin in your body and will also help your body process the extra fat protein etc. Keep on drinking water with every meal you eat to avoid getting hydrated. And you will be exercising more in order to gain weight within 15 days that means you should drink even more water.

Points to remember

  • You can also drink tea but without sugar, fresh fruit juice etc.
  • Avoid drinking sports and energy drinks.
Next step is to build muscle mass

Focus on weight training

Mostly body builders will guide you to do weight training because they know this is the only way to get big. It is a form of exercise invented only to make muscles larger and stronger. If you have the equipment, then no issue but, if you don’t then you can practice weight training at gym. Since, this is an significant part of weight training, you have to perform it several times a week.

Points to remember

  • If you do not want to join a gym then get all the equipment.
  • You can also do push-ups if you want, this will make you start at least.




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