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Treatment For Diabetes Type 2

treatment for type 2 diabetes

In a diabetes type 2 problem, our body does not use the insulin properly. It is also known as insulin resistance. The pancreas try to make up enough insulin for our body. But after some time, it is not able to keep up and there starts a deficiency in your blood glucose. The insulin produced is not enough to keep your blood glucose at normal level. It is easy to find a treatment for diabetes type 2 online, but there are very few reliable sources for that. So make sure you follow proper diet and hygiene in order to cure your diabetes.

Treatment for Diabetes Type 2 :



Healthy Eating Habits

First and foremost treatment for diabetes type 2 is a habit of eating healthy and nutrition based food. However, there is not any specific diet for diabetes type 2 but still you can follow a diet that can help you cure it. For example eating foods which are high in fiber can be very effective. Eating these foods may help in treatment of diabetes type 2.

  • Apple, Banana, Grapes, mangoes (Mostly all fruits).
  • Green vegetables.
  • Cereals and Whole grains.

Minimize your intake of animal foods which contains lot of carbohydrates which is not good for your health. You need to control your blood sugar levels by eating less sugar related products. This will increase your blood sugar level and can affect your body a lot. You have to keep your blood sugar levels stable while keeping a diet which is effective in treatment for diabetes type 2. You can take help from a dietitian who can make a better diet for you. Your diet must include that amount of carbohydrates which does not affect your blood sugar levels and keep it stable. A habit of taking healthy and proper diet is essential for this treatment.

Blood Sugar Levels Must remain Stable

Before starting a specific diet plan which is made by you or your dietitian, it is necessary to first check your blood sugar level and then keep monitoring it regularly after a short interval of time. Specially if you are on insulin, then you must monitor your blood sugar level many times in a day. You can also take help from your dietitian regarding how to monitor your blood sugar levels. Treatment for diabetes type 2 is a tiring process but these steps can help in not making it any worse.

It is very important to keep track of your blood sugar levels because it is difficult to predict it. While you consume any food, it can change drastically. Regularly monitoring your blood sugar levels can keep you updated and will tell you which foods to avoid.

Physical Exercises

People with diabetes type 2 must take part in physical activities. It is essential for everyone to take part in aerobic exercises and it can be helpful in the treatment of diabetes type 2. Please note that before starting any type of physical exercise you must consult your doctor. This can make it worse if you don’t consult him first. It is good to take part in any type of physical activity. It can be swimming, walking, playing any sports outdoor etc.

Stretching for about 30 minutes daily can help lower your blood sugar levels and make it stable.

Don’t go on too hard on the first day itself, make it simple and start slowly. Day by day, increase your level. Try to eat a normal snack before starting any exercise as it can reduce the chances of lowering your blood sugar level. Diabetes type 2 is not that difficult to cure but it needs some dedication in all these inputs. If you are still not satisfied with these, then at last you will have to take some medicines.

Diabetes Medications


Treatment for Type 2 diabetes
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  • Some medicines for treatment of diabetes type 2 – Metformin, Meglitinides, Sulfonylureas.
  • Bariatric Surgery – This surgery for diabetes type 2 is a little costly and a bit risky. This weight loss (Bariatric) surgery is done to make your blood sugar levels stable.
  • Insulin Therapy – Instead of taking insulin from your foods, insulin is directly injected. This is the most famous method now-a-days for treating diabetes type 2.



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