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How To Stop Hair Loss Alopecia

How to stop hair loss

Hair loss is a common problem among both men and women these days. Some say that hair loss is hereditary due to our genes, but there are other reasons also like hormonal imbalances, deficiency of vitamins and minerals, insufficient blood circulation in the scalp, etc. Many people are suffering from alopecia as this is common these days. There are many factors which causes hair loss. Here are some tips on how to stop hair loss easily with some home remedies and proper care.

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How to Stop Hair Loss (Alopecia) :

1. Use Aloe Vera

Aloe vera can be used as an effective remedy to stop the hair loss. Due to a lot of pollution these days, our hair falls in excessive amount. Aloe vera is very useful in reducing the scalp problems. It is very effective in fighting dandruff. Aloe vera as many properties which is useful in reducing hair loss. Just take an aloe vera leaf, squeeze it properly and store the juice for a day. Apply the juice on your hair and scalp. Then after around half an hour, wash your hair with lukewarm water. Do this 2-3 times a week to reduce hair loss.

2. Use Onion

The most famous and effective remedy for alopecia is Onion. Onion has the best properties which can help in diminishing hair loss. No one would ever believe that the best remedy to stop hair loss is in their kitchen. Onion is high in sulphur content which improves the blood circulation to the hair follicles. Just grind the Onion in a grinder and squeeze out the juice. You can apply this juice on your scalp at night before sleeping. Just wash off your hair in the morning with plenty of water.

3. Oil Massage

Oil massage is very effective in controlling hair loss. Sometimes, due to lack of nutrition our hair starts falling. You can massage your scalp with lukewarm oil daily for few minutes to get the best results. Oil which is rich in Vitamin E can give best results. Almond oil, coconut oil, mustard oil etc. can be used in the massage. You can take help from any family member to massage your scalp. After an hour, wash your hair with a shampoo. Or you can massage your hair at night and leave it overnight and then wash your hair in the morning.

4. Grape Seed Oil

This answers the question of how to stop hair loss. It is a natural moisturizer and hair conditioner. It is an effective remedy for weak hair, dandruff and hair loss. It can be used regularly to keep your hair healthy and to stop hair loss. It cures and stops the problem of alopecia. Grape seed oil cures the problem of hair loss as it is rich in anti oxidants. Simply apply this oil on your scalp at night and wash in the morning with lukewarm water.

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