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Side Effects Of Drinking Hot Water

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Do you know that drinking too much hot water can be detrimental for your health. If there are benefits of drinking hot water then there are side effects of it also. You should know both of them the good effects and the side effects. Let us discuss what are the side effects of drinking hot water here:

Balance is significant

The significance of water in human being life cannot be measured. It is as important as breathing, without water we human being practically cannot do anything. We cannot bath, cook, drink, clean or wash our clothes so, basically everything basic. But there should be a balance in that too. Drinking maximum glass of water in a day is highly overrated. You must have heard that drinking as much as water is necessary. But balancing it is also important. Excess of anything is dangerous for your health and this applies to consuming water also.

Hot water has more contaminants
Side Effects Of Drinking Hot Water
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We usually drink water directly from tap, yes still a lot of person consume water like this. But drinking water directly from tap is not good for your health. If the pipes are old and rusted then the chances of lead poisoning are very high. And these contaminants dissolve way faster in hot water than in cold water. Instead, take cold water from tap and then heat it in a kettle and then consume water. This will clear all the impurities from water.

Hot water can scald

There is a chance that when you consume hot water it can burn your lips or the lining of the mouth. To avoid this situation you can first check the temperature of water before consuming it, instead of consuming it directly.

Hot water can also injure internal linings

This is pretty common. If drinking hot water can cause sensations in mouth or perhaps we cans say blisters in mouth then imagine what it can do to your sensitive body internal organs. Drinking hot water can damage the sensitive lining of the oesophagus and digestive tract. It can have a far reaching consequence as the temperature of water is higher than your body.

Consume water when thirsty

Here is a question do you drink eight glasses of water because you are told so or your body requires that from you. Studies have shown that if you drink too much of water it can could effect your concentration levels. You should drink water only when you want to drink or get the urge to drink. Drinking too much water can cause brain cells to swell and can cause further complications.

Surplus intake can disturb sleep

Consumption of hot water before going to sleep can also lead to affected sleep patterns as the need to visit the toilet increases, leading to disturbed sleep.

Consuming more water can damage your kidneys

As we all aware of the fact that kidneys have a specialized system to flush out excess water from your body. You should know that they do not become cleaner if you keep on drinking hot water every now and then. Excessive amount of water can cause more damage then even imagined. And this can lead to the deterioration of kidneys over a period of time.

Additional water affects body volume

Drinking more hot water than required can increase the total volume of your blood. The circulatory system is a closed system and any unnecessary pressure has to be borne by your blood vessels and heart.

Excess of water can dilute electrolytes
Side Effects Of Drinking Hot Water
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Yes, because of excess of water the electrolytes in your blood dilutes more than in cells. This will result in swelling of your cells. And you wont even realize it but because of this you can also suffer headaches.

Excess of hot water can lead to breathlessness

Drinking too much hot water even without knowing the consequence of it can lead to some serious health related problems. As the pressure on your brain and circulatory system increases it can prove not so beneficial for you.

Well, there are many benefits of drinking hot water too. So, we are going to discuss that also.


The biggest benefit of drinking hot water or even cold is that it keeps the body hydrated. This is most important.


Hot water also decreases the chance of getting infection you may suffer from. Boiled water obviously decreases the number of bacteria present in the water leaving it pure and clean to consume.

Aids in digestion

Drinking hot water especially during meals is very beneficial as it speed up the digestion process.


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