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How To Get Rid of Bad Breath

How to get rid of bad breath

What is Halitosis? 

Halitosis also known as Bad breath is a symptom in which an unpleasant order comes out from the exhaled breath of a person. It is not a good thing and it can also be a sign of any health problem. It is easy to get rid of bad breath with the help of some tips. There are many causes of halitosis and there are many types of preventive measures also.  

Causes of Halitosis :

1. Brush Everyday

Not brushing and flossing your teeth everyday is a very bad habit. The food you eat sticks within your teeth and collects bacteria which causes bad breath. Bad breath is a sign that you are not taking proper care of your oral health. 

2. Foods And Drinks

Some foods can cause halitosis especially foods like garlic, onions etc. Many drinks which are strong like alcohol and coffee can also cause bad breath but it is temporary and not long lasting. To get rid of bad breath caused by the foods, always rinse your mouth after you eat something. 


3. Not Drinking Enough Water

One of the main reason of halitosis is not drinking enough water everyday. It is most important thing which you can do to prevent halitosis. Drinking enough water washes out unwanted fluids from your body and makes your body clean and clear from inside.

4. Fasting

Fasting and crash-dieting can also cause bad breath because it causes the breakdown of fat due to which bad smelling chemicals are produced in your body. You have to eat something after a limited span of time to get rid of bad breath. 

5. Smoking   

Smoking is another great cause of halitosis. Smoking also affects your gums and stains your teeth. When you smoke, some of the harmful bacteria enters your body which causes bad breath. Quit smoking and you will notice that the bad breath is gone. 



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