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How to Quit Weed

Quitting a habit is a very difficult task for many people but it is possible if the people are determined. Quitting drugs is a good thing but it takes a lot of patience and hardwork. There are some methods which can make you quit weed easily. Now, not consuming more of your time we will directly go to the steps to stop smoking weed.


1. Throw Out Your Pot And Other Smoking Utensils

Get rid of all the weed and other things like matches, containers etc. Remember, do not throw your weed at a place from where you can take it again. Instead flush it in the toilet so that you will never be able to retrieve it. If you have a friend who is a dealer of weed, just don’t meet him ever.

2. Less Money Means No Weed

Always take that amount of money from your parents which you need because if you will have some extra money, you will think of buying weed again. You need to stop yourself by telling yourself that this is not good for your health. Tell this thing to your parents too so they can also help.


3. Share your Decisions

Tell this decision to all your trustworthy friends and family so that they can also take a small part in helping you quit the weed. It is very difficult to quit weed by yourself. You will need your friends or family at many times and trust me they will always be with you. Remember, you will have to avoid friends who are smoking weed.


4. Prepare For The Hardships 

You will notice that you are having problems while quitting weed but you will have to face them. The problems will be like sleeplessness, decreased appetite, increased body temperature etc. You can easily cope up with these problems with strong will power.


5. Try To Do Something Instead Of Sitting Free

Give your time to your hobbies or sports so that your time is consumed and you will not remember or crave for weed. Go for long walks, read books, make a girlfriend/boyfriend, cook some delicious recipes. Try to be busy in doing something whether it is your hobby or some important work.


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      1. sir you have to start doing some other tasks to divert your mind. For Example – You can start going to gym and take care of your diet. Stay motivated. Then you will not crave for it.

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