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How to Quit Smoking

5. Try Doing Something With Friends 

Doing something you like in your free time will help you avoid the cravings of smoking. You can call your friends who don’t smoke and you can hang out together doing things which you like. Your friends will be happy to help you if they know that your are trying to quit a bad habit. You can go out for a movie, play games, etc. to stay away from this bad habit.


6. Rewarding Yourself

Once you are successfully completing your milestones which you have made, treat yourself by doing something or eating something which you really like. This will even boost your confidence and motivation to quit smoking. You can also buy something good from the money which was saved by not buying any cigarette.


How to quit smoking fast
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7. Prepare To Fight Cravings 

Be ready on how to fight your cravings. Whenever you have a craving for a cigarette, just try to eat something else instead so that you can replace your need. Try going for a walk, chewing a gum etc. Remember not to stay with people who are addicted to smoke. 

8. Relax

Stay in a positive environment, have enough sleep, do some exercise or maybe join a gym.  Stay concentrated on something you want to achieve so that you can easily quit smoking. Always stay happy and tension free. 




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