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How to Quit Smoking

Smoking is a very serious problem these days especially among the youngsters. The younger generations think that smoking cigarette makes them look cool and stylish. Most of the people have a habit of smoking these days. Many people even tried to quit it but all in vain. It is not easy to quit smoking but with better techniques and with the help of friends and family, you can easily help yourself in getting out of this bad habit. With the tips given under, you can easily quit smoking. 


1. Making A Quit Plan

I know it’s not easy to suddenly quit a habit. Just choose a date from which you will start your program to quit smoking. Make a chart so that you know you are decreasing the amount of cigarettes you smoke per week. Tell your friends and family so they can also help. Remove all the things from your room which triggers you smoking habit. There must be nothing in your room which will make you crave to smoke.

2. Using Cold Turkey

Most of the people try to quit smoking without any support from others with the method of cold turkey. But in reality it is not an effective method and most of the people have failed in this method. Instead of taking a puff or two from the cigarette, they smoke full cigarette. Therefore it becomes too difficult for them to quit smoking with this method.

3. Replacing Nicotine Intake

By using the Nicotine Replacement Therapy, you are given nicotine in different form instead of nicotine which is present in tobacco. Nicotine gums, inhalers, patches etc. are used in this method. In this way, you can easily satisfy your craving by having a nicotine gum so that you will not have to smoke anymore. This is one of the best ways to quit smoking.

4. Medicines

You can consult your doctor if you want to eat medicines. This can also help as the doctors have a lot of experience in dealing these type of cases. He can provide you with best medicines to quit smoking. But i would rather suggest you to stay away from medicines as sometimes the medicines can even make this worse. With strong hardwork and dedication, you can easily quit smoking with other methods. 


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