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How To Use Onion Juice For Hair Growth

How to use onion juice for hair growth

Many people now-a-days are going through the problem of hair loss and it is common among many people. Do you see more hair in your brush than normal? No need to worry. If your age is less than 35, then it is possible that you can grow back your hair with a little effort. But for people of age more than 35, it is very difficult to grow back hair but it is possible that the hair loss can be controlled and stopped. First of all, you need to know that what are the ingredients which can help in hair growth. But in this article, we are only going to discuss that how onion juice can help in hair growth. This method is one of the most inexpensive and easy method for hair growth. There are various ways to use onions for hair growth. But before trying these methods, make sure that you are not allergic to onions.

Using Onions For Hair Growth :

  • Onion Juice and Olive Oil for hair growth.
  • Onion Juice and Honey hair mask.
  • Onion Juice and Coconut Oil Mixed for hair growth.
  • Onion Juice and Warm Water.
  • Mixed Rum and Onion Juice.
  • Additional Benefits of Onion Juice for Hair Growth.
How to use onion juice for hair growth
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Why Onion Juice Helps in Hair Growth?

The presence of sulfur concentration in onion helps in some hair conditions which leads to hair fall. So, we need to check what are the actual reasons for the hair fall so that we can take preventive measures to stop hair fall. Regular application of Onion Juice on hair improves blood circulation and provides the hair follicles with enough nourishment so that they can grow.

So, onion juice has many properties which can help in hair growth as well as stops the hair fall too. Even oral consumption of Onion is also beneficial for hair growth. We all know that onion juice is a bit smelly but we can adjust it for our hair growth since onion juice is one of the best ingredient for hair growth. So, make sure that you add onions in your regular recipes as it even enhances the taste of the recipe as well as help in hair growth.

1. Onion Juice And Olive Oil For Hair Growth

First of all the ingredients which you will need will be a small onion, Olive oil about 2 tablespoons and a cup.

Now, first of all to make a proper onion juice or onion paste, we need to have chop the onion is smaller pieces. After that, put all those pieces into the blender. After the onions is properly blended, add the olive oil into the onion juice and stir it properly to make a thick paste. After the mixture is ready, apply the mixture in the hair roots evenly and keep it on for 2 to 3 hours. It is better that you apply it at night and when you wake up in the morning, rinse your hair with hot water and a shampoo.

Make sure that you do not use this mixture more than once a week.

2. Onion Juice And Honey Hair Mask For Hair Growth

The ingredients you need are obviously the onion juice or onion paste after blending small pieces of onions in the blender and one tablespoon honey.

So have the onion juice and honey. Mix two tablespoons of onion juice and one tablespoon of honey and mix them well in a bowl. The best part of this method is that you can even consume the mixture as it will be beneficial for hair growth. You can also apply the mixture on your hair and keep it for 30 minutes and after that rinse your hair with warm water. It will also give your hair a shine as well as strengthen the roots.

The mixture of onion juice and honey for hair growth can be used twice per week for better results.

How To Use Onion Juice For Hair Growth
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3. Onion Juice And Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

The ingredients needed are 1 tablespoon of Onion Juice, Coconut Oil about 2 tablespoons and few drops of any essential oil you like which is optional.

Mix the onion juice or blended onion with the coconut oil in a bowl. If you want you can add few drops of any essential oil to mask the smell of onion. After applying the mixture on the hair, massage it for some minutes and then keep it for 1 or 2 hours. After that rinse off the mixture from your hair with any shampoo and warm water. As i already told you, night time is the best time to use onion juice for hair growth because you can keep it overnight.

The mixture should be used only once a week. You can also apply only coconut juice on your hair some days of the week as it also helps in reducing hair fall.

4. Just Onion Juice For Hair Growth

The ingredient you need is only onion juice and warm water.

This is the most basic method. You just have to add the onion juice and some warm water. After that use this mixture as the final rinse to your hair for hair growth. This slows down the hair fall and helps in hair regrowth slowly. This onion juice mixture can be used alternatively everyday. Make sure that you do not use too much or else the onion odor will come from your hair.

5. Mix Rum And Onion Juice For Hair Growth

The ingredients needed are a small onion and about 50 ml of Rum.

First, chop the onion into small pieces and then keep them in a jar. Add the 50 ml rum in the same jar and let it stay overnight. In the morning, mix the ingredients and apply it on your scalp. After keeping it for 30 minutes, rinse your hair with warm water or any shampoo. Make sure that the ingredients are mixed thoroughly.

This method should be used once a week. The rum can even dry your hair so make sure that you do not use this mixture more than once a week.

How To Use Onion Juice For Hair Growth
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6. Some Additional Benefits Of Onion Juice For Hair Growth
  • Onion have some properties of preventing hair loss. Applying raw onions on the scalp directly can trigger hair growth. The basic properties of onion is that it helps in blood circulation and increase the hair growth rate.
  • Eating onions in the recipes or applying onion juice on scalp after some interval of time can prevent premature graying of hair. Onions are one of the most essential part of vegetables which helps our body in various ways.
  • Onion Juice helps in strengthening hair. Since, onion has enough sulfur content which is a tonic for hair thinning.
  • Try to include onions more and more in your recipes as oral intake of onions helps same as that of applying onion juice on the scalp.
  • If you are bothered by the strong smell of the onion, you can add some lemon juice or rose water in the onion juice mixture while rinsing your hair.
  • Some foods which are high in sulfur which can promote hair growth are meat and fish, eggs, cheese, tea, cocoa and dried fruits.

So, make sure that you start using onion juice alone or combine it with other ingredients for better results. Many people on the internet are saying that it is possible and truth that onion juice can help in hair growth and the results can be seen within a month or two. But make sure that you use it properly and don’t overdo it.


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