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How To Lose Weight Fast

6. Drink Water Before Eating Meal

Whenever you are going to have a meal, always drink a glass of water an hour before, so that you will eat only selected food because you will not be hungry. Water also helps in preventing dehydration so that you will not feel hungry too fast and will loose weight easily. 

7. Eat At The Same Time Everyday

Our body appreciates if we are eating meals on the same time everyday. This helps our body to be ready for digesting the food properly because our body gets the habit of digesting the food at the same time. Even many doctors have proved that we should eat meals at same time everyday.

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8. Stash Lots Of Fruits

Having a good quantity of fruits instead of eating chocolates, chips etc. will help a lot in loosing weight. You can eat them after every 30-40 minutes so that you will not feel powerless or less energetic. The nutrients from fruits will also give you enough energy to do your day to day routine. 

9. Wear Your Skinny Jeans On Some Occassions

If you will be wearing something tight then it will motivate you and will help you to stay away from fries or high calorie foods. Take out some of your old clothes and try to see how much weight you have reduced. In this way you will be able to control your weight.

10. Last But Not The Least : Motivate Yourself

This helps a lot in maintaining your weight and loosing weight easily. Take “Before” and “After” photos of yourself to see how much you have succeeded till now. This will keep track of your weight and motivate you to loose even more weight. 



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