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Ideas To Reduce Stress In Our Mind And Relax

Ideas To Reduce Stress In Our Mind And Relax

Stress is a part of today’s daily life! But what is stress in real terms? Stress is body reaction to fight or adapt to new situations. In simple words anything that poses challenge to our well being and makes us unrelaxed is stress. There are two types of stress, One which keeps you going and is good for you and second is not good for your health it just makes you wander all the time. But without stress wouldn’t our life be boring? Give it a thought. Nowadays, people treat stress as a major health issue and it can be but it is not, well at least not always. When stress level reach a very high level and starts affecting your mental and physical health then it is a danger.

The way a person responds to stress may also be a type of stress in itself. It is very easy to tell when a person is in stress. But if you want details and signs here you are:

  • When a person is under stress blood pressure rises,
  • Breathing becomes faster,
  • Digestive system slows down,
  • Heart rate ( pulse ) rises,
  • Immune system goes down,
  • Muscle becomes tense,
  • Sleep deprives.

Just remember you have the power to do anything you want to do with your life and no one can stop you. You can fight stress like a lion and make it go away. You just have to choose the path which suits you and after you kill stress you can live your life happily. It does not mean that you won’t get stressed again, obviously you will life is not so easy but it will not have the same power it had over you earlier.Here are things or ways in which you can kill stress easily, take a good read:

Ideas To Reduce Stress In Our Mind And Relax
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Meditation importance is gaining significance day by day and there is a reason for it. According to various scientific studies meditation has many health benefits out of which reducing stress is main one. Following are the benefits of meditation:

  • Decrease stress.
  • Decrease anxiety.
  • Decrease worry.
  • Improves mood.
  • Makes you relax.
  • Increases mental strength.
  • Increases focus.
  • Makes immune system strong.

These health benefits of meditation can be seen within  a few minutes of it as it is very effective. One of the perks of meditation is that it can be done anywhere and anytime. When you are going through a stressful day just sit back and take to moment to clear your mind and meditation can help you with it.

Take Deep Breathe

If you are feeling tensed or are under stress whether while working or even at home take a minute break and breathe deep it really helps and is a great way to kill stress. Repeat this exercise yes, mind exercise for a few times let the air inside you and make you calm. There are many health benefits of taking deep breaths, here are them:

  • One of the biggest health benefits of taking deep breaths is that it kills stress.
  • Releases anxiety.
  • It can calm down strong panic attacks.
  • It can also relieve pain.

Maintaining your patience is really hard these days, as in today’s world people keeping their calm are considered as fools but they are not! Getting angry at any situation is easy but maintaining your patience is a battle within a person inside so, to all those people who are always under stress as they are dealing with their patience issues deep breathes are a great and easiest way to kill stress. You can literally do it anywhere, whether sitting in office, while working or attending a class. Do it whenever you feel like you are under burden.

Do Some Exercise

Another way to kill stress is exercise yes believe it or not there are many people out their who go to gym just to release their anger, pain, stress and frustration out of their system and it works too. Once you get a habit of it, it becomes a lot easier. If you are feeling low or down put on your sneakers and go for a brisk walk it will really calm you down. Doing exercise regularly lowers your stress level and makes you healthy too! Work out is also great for you if you are often under stress. Here are some of the benefits of exercising daily:

  • Doing exercise daily can immediately release stress.
  • It takes your  mind off from all of over problems.
  • It releases endorphines in your brain.

If you want to kill stress then doing exercise thrice a week is necessary and beneficial for you. When we say exercise it isn’t compulsory to go gym, you can just go for  a walk for ten minutes or so.

Roam Around
Ideas To Reduce Stress In Our Mind And Relax
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It has been scientifically proven that spending time in a natural environment can improve an individual mood in instant and decrease negative feelings like anxiety, depression and stress. A lot of people go for  a walk in a park and fell stress free, it is quite natural to feel relaxed and composed when you are in nature’s lap.

Be More Social

If you are under stress please do not lock yourself down in your room as it will only make things worse nothing else. Get the hell out of your house, go out with your friends or interact with your neighbor. Just by talking to someone will make you busy and you will yourself feel relaxed and stress free. Hence, roaming around and making friends or even interacting is a great stress killer and can repair your bad mood instantly.

Laugh Like A Kid
Ideas To Reduce Stress In Our Mind And Relax
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Laughter is a medicine this is so true as laughing is a great stress killer and can release anxiety. When you are under stress just turn on your T.V and watch your favorite T.V show, or go for a comedy movie or a chick flick anything which interest you or can make you laugh. Human in today’s is so damn busy to make a living that they forget to take care of themselves. Spending time with oneself is as significant as daily work or breathing. Take out some time just for your self.

Re-frame Your Thinking

Sometimes we worry too much and that makes the stress double. Everything depends on what you think! Do you think good things or bad? Instead of focusing on bad and negative things we should focus our mind on all the positive things in life. As negative thoughts lead to stress, so thinking positive can kill stress. We know that it is impossible to remain positive all the freaking time but the least we can do is “try” to remain positive in life. Changing your viewpoint can change your life and your daily routine too. So, thinking good things is a great way to kill stress in short.

Keep A Journal

Writing your exact thoughts can be hard at times! But writing a journal daily can be a great stress killer. When you feel like you are under stress or are feeling agitated over something just write it down it really helps. Writing all kinds of thoughts gives you a sense of relief. It really works try it.

Listen To Your Favorite Music

Listening to music is a great stress buster and it has been scientifically proven too that listening to music makes a person calm, focused and stress-free. It is a common practice nowadays! Life without music seems impossible and boring. Music has a very strong effect on a person’s mood. Listening to your favorite music can make you a lot calm and composed.

Do What Your Heart Says

Sometimes in life we are under stress because we find ourselves in dilemma as  what should we do? It is a constant battle between heart and mind. In these kind of situations just do what your heart says, be practical but also let your heart speak once in a while.

Make Little Changes In Your Life

If you have tried everything and still feel under stress than think about making huge changes in your life at first it can seem impossible and hard to imagine but maybe later you can feel stress-free and out of pressure. Try moving out of your old apartment and find a new one, find a new job.

Do activities which make you stress-free

Take a bath
Ideas To Reduce Stress In Our Mind And Relax
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After a long hectic and a day full of stress nothing is better than taking a shower or  bath! What ever you like do it. It can really calm you down and bring your stress levels down.

Maintain a Hobby

While growing up we start giving more attention to things which can earn us bread and leave our hobby. It should be not like that as hobbies or doing what you love is a great way to kill stress and live free too. Hobbies should be given attention after growing up too. Start doing what you used you love in your childhood it can be anything from painting to playing football, anything.

All the above mentioned things are a great way to kill stress and if you often feel low or under stress then allow yourself to try these things out.

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