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Health Benefits Of Drinking Sugarcane Juice

Health Benefits Of Drinking Sugarcane Juice

Today we are going to talk about sugarcane juice let’s start by a brief introduction of it. Sugarcane belong to a grass family, it is easy to grow anywhere and it is available at very cheap price. Sugarcane is produced in more than half of the world including Asia and America. You can eat little pieces of sugarcane and drink it too with adding ginger, mint and black salt rock to increase it’s taste as well ginger makes it easy to digest the juice.

Let us tell you some facts related to sugarcane first:

  • It is interesting as well as shocking to know that sugarcane which is so sweet in taste does not contain fats! It is a 100 percent natural drink. It contains 30 percent of natural sugar and natural sugar is always far better than artificial one. This also means that you do not have to add sugar to it to increase it’s taste.
  • A lot of you will find this fact amazing, sugarcane have thirty six varieties! Did you knew this before? This means you can drink a different kind of sugarcane juice for a whole freaking month and six days in addition to it.
  • Another amazing fact related to sugarcane is that in 1493, Christopher Columbus took sugarcane to the Carribean and planted sugarcane there, and this is how the plantation of it spread across the whole world.
  • A sugarcane plant can grow up to 30 feet tall.  A sugarcane plant can take nine to 24 months to grow fully and it’s growth depends on the climate of that region also, along with other climate conditions.
  • It is interesting to know that the juice contained from sugarcane contains fifteen calories and it is absolutely healthy to drink.
  • Sugarcane juice is a mix of sucrose, fructose, and various other kind of glucose.
  • Raw sugarcane contains 13 grams of dietary fiber which is good for your health.
Skin benefits of drinking sugarcane juice

There are many skin related benefits when it comes to drink  a glass of sugarcane juice we are going to discuss it step by step:

Sugarcane juice helps to cure acne

Drinking sugarcane juice on daily basis has been seen to show some great and amazing effects on skin problems especially when it comes to deal with acne. So, if you get acne more than often or already tired of acne filled skin then start drinking sugarcane juice. You can also make a face mask out of sugarcane and apply it on your face. Slow down we are going to tell you how to make a paste.

What you will need to make a face mask…

  • Sugarcane
  • Multani mitti

How to make a face mask?

First, put some multani mitti in a bowl and add some sugarcane juice in it and mix it well. Apply the mask on your face and neck for about twenty minutes and leave it there. Use  a wet towel to get off the mask from your face. You can apply this face mask once a week and in a short time you will see the results yourself.

Sugarcane juice is a excellent source of alpha hydroxy acids ( ADAs ) like glycolic acid which is known to and help to increase cell turnover. The main reason behind acne is blocked skin pores which sugarcane juice helps to remove by exfoliating your skin and also thin the accumulation of dead skin cell.

Sugarcane juice helps in slowing down aging process
Health Benefits Of Drinking Sugarcane Juice
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Are you starting to get worried because of the wrinkles which are starting to grow on your face? You can get rid of those wrinkles with the help of sugarcane juice in a natural way. As sugarcane contains all the healthy nutrients which are known to have good impact on your skin. These are a strong presence of anti-oxidants, flavonoids, and phenolic compound. With the help of sugarcane juice you can achieve the glowing and clear skin you always desired.

Now let us discuss the health benefits of sugarcane juice and there are many!

Instant energy booster

We do not realize this but most of the times our body remains dehydrated. So, if you feel dehydrated more often than sugarcane juice is the answer. Sugarcane juice is one of the best sources of energy drink. Sugarcane juice can make you feel good it can really put you in  a good mood just like a chocolate! After drinking sugarcane juice you will feel more relaxed, refreshed and charged. As sugarcane juice contains simple sugars ( sucrose ) that are very easily absorbed by your body. Your metabolism does not need or have to struggle to absorb everything.

It also prevents bad breath and tooth decay

Having bad breath is really embarrassing and is a cause of social shyness. If you are struggling to get clear and fresh breath than try sugarcane as a home remedy. Sugarcane contains a lot of minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, both of these help to grow tooth enamel. Another thing is that bad breath is also a sign of calcium deficiency which sugarcane juice seems to prevent.

It helps to grow your bone and teeth

Sugarcane is a excellent source of calcium which helps in  the growth of bones.

Sugarcane juice prevents febrile

Febrile disorder is common in growing kids and sugarcane can prevent it if taken daily. Febrile disorder causes hig fever in children which can be a nightmare. Sugarcane is known to cure this lack of protein.

It also aids liver functioning

Sugarcane juice is a lot of beneficial for liver related sickness like jaundice. A lot of person’s fighting jaundice have sugarcane juice regularly.

What you need…

  • A glass of sugarcane juice
  • A lemon

To get rid of all liver related problems just add some lime in your sugarcane juice and drink it twice a day. Main reason behind jaundice is poor liver functioning as well as clogged bile ducts. Sugarcane maintains the level of sufficient glucose level in your body which leads to fast recovery. Hence, sugarcane juice is good for your health if you are suffering from liver related issues.

Sugarcane juice helps you in improving digestive system
Health Benefits Of Drinking Sugarcane Juice
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If you are suffering from digestive related trouble then you should think about consuming sugarcane juice at least once a day. As the potassium present in sugarcane juice helps to balance the PH level of your stomach and it also facilitates the secretion of digestive juices.

It also fights cancer

It must be surprising to hear but yes sugarcane also help your body or prevent it from getting a deadly disease like cancer, especially prostate and breast cancer. According to some researches, sugarcane contains flavonoids which stops the multiplication of cancer cells in the mammary glands. Drinking sugarcane juice has a lot of positive effect on your immune system and health as well.

It also aids diabetes

Should a person suffering from diabetes drink sugarcane juice? As due to it’s sweetness level some people might thing  that drinking sugarcane juice might be not good for a person who have diabetes. But it must be coming as a shocker to you but people suffering from diabetes can also consume sugarcane juice but not daily, once a week seems good.

It treats sore throat

If you feel itch or a kind of irritation in your throat then you should consider drinking a glass of sugarcane juice with a little bit of black rock salt and a little bit of lime to get rid of it. As the presence of Vitamin C in sugarcane juice and because of this reason drinking sugarcane juice is beneficial for your sore throat. Sugarcane juice is also a rich source of anti-oxidants that kills bacteria or any kind of throat infections.

Heal wounds

As we have already told you that sugarcane juice helps and boosts your immune system but it also heal wounds. With this sugarcane juice also fastens the recovery of injuries. As sugarcane contains sucrose it can heal any kind of wounds.

It also strengthens body organs

The regular consumption of sugarcane juice makes our body part strong and well in sync so that they can work with each other well. And since sugarcane juice is full of essential sugars and it helps in strengthening organs like sensor glands, reproductive organs and the brain.

It prevents DNA damage
Health Benefits Of Drinking Sugarcane Juice
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Sugarcane juice also prevents your DNA it is necessary for our DNA to remain healthy as when a person DNA starts damaging it also effects the brain. Sugarcane juice is full of antioxidants which prevents degradation of oxidative degradation of cellular fats and lipids and also controls DNA damage.

Also helps in losing weight

Even though it contains natural sugar but it can still you to shed those extra kilos. Sugarcane reduces the level of bad cholesterol in a person’s body which is the major reason behind weight gain. Sugarcane juice is also high in soluble fibers which helps a person on diet in maintaining weight.

Also help in getting rid of UTI

Another amazing health benefit of drinking sugarcane juice is that it helps to maintain kidney health and prevents various problems related to UTI ( Urinary Tract Infection ).

All of the above mentioned health benefits of drinking sugarcane juice can help you only when you start drinking it regularly.

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