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Get Rid Of Yellowish Layer From Teeth Fast

how to get rid of yellowish layer teeth whitening

When we open our mouth we speak but with it comes out the smell of our mouth also and next thing people see is our teeth. When tooth is white and clean then it is good but when there is a yellowish layer on teeth well, that is just a shame. It is not your fault there are many reasons behind it. And you can get rid of this annoying yellow layer but you have to follow some things which you have never. Having yellow teeth is a common problem. It leaves you conscious every time. The main reason behind teeth getting yellow is bad oral hygiene, eating certain food. There are some home remedies you can try to get rid of the yellowish layer.

Get Rid Of Yellowish Layer From Teeth Fast
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Flossing is very significant and not flossing on regular basis can accumulate yellow matter between your teeth. When you floss on regular basis you can realize that it can instantly remove a lot of bacteria and build-up between your teeth which leads to discoloration. If you want to get rid of yellowish layer make sure to floss daily.

Points to remember

1: Use a good quality of floss, it can should be 18 inches in length. You should know how to properly floss. Grab floss and hold a good grip in each hand, and move the floss up and down so that it can cover every corner of your teeth. Use a fresh floss each time.

2: Move your floss at least six times up and down. Do it gently and be careful. Don’t do it hurry.

Try home made paste

People assume that getting your teeth white must be an expensive affair. But what if we tell you that you can do it by yourself. No need to visit costly clinics and dentist! With the use of several items which are already present in your home you can make a wonderful paste. One of the most effective paste is made from baking soda and lemon juice. Why baking soda? As it helps in maintaining the Ph level in your mouth and as for lemon juice it contains natural bleach. Relax, we are going to tell you how can you make paste out of this.

For making this paste you should have baking soda and a small amount of lemon juice. Mix baking soda and lemon juice perfectly until it turns into a paste, thick paste. Then use a toothbrush to apply the paste all over your teeth. Leave the paste on your teeth for at least a minute and then rinse your mouth thoroughly  with warm water.

Points to remember

While brushing keep in mind not too brush too hard as it can damage your enamel layer and can cause unwanted abrasions.

Get Rid Of Yellowish Layer From Teeth Fast
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Make  a scrub

Other use and benefit of baking soda is that you can also make a scrub out of it which will help you to get rid of yellowish layer. Just add some amount of baking soda, salt and some strawberries. The salt will work as sort of an exfoliate and it will scrub the gunk out from your teeth. And strawberries contain vitamin C, which will help you break down plaque.

Points to remember

In order to make this scrub you should have two to three fresh strawberries. Mash them together and add a sprinkle of salt and just a little bit of baking soda. Apply the scrub all over your teeth to get rid of yellowish layer and keep it on for about five minute. Then wash it off.

Rinse with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is common nowadays in homes as it is used for every little health related problems. It is used for most for minor cuts and scrapes. But a few people know that it can be used as a whitening agent for your teeth. Just add hydrogen peroxide to water and rinse your mouth with it and afterwards with normal water. You can also brush your teeth afterwards.

Use other foods

Not only strawberries and lemon is beneficial or can help you to get rid of yellowish layer, there are some other foods too which can also solve this problem. Foe example try orange peel. Before you go to bed every time rub orange peel all over your teeth. The vitamin C which is present in orange will help you break down that yellow layer. Repeat using orange peel several times and you will surely see the results yourself probably within a few weeks.

Use a whitening toothpaste
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If you do not have enough time to make paste or scrubs at home by yourself then you can simply buy toothpaste which claim to whiten your teeth and this can really help you to get rid of yellowish layer.

Make a habit / routine

To see results fast you have to make a habit of these things. If you follow a decided path then you will surely see results really fast.

Why not visit your dentist?

Pick a dentist carefully it is as important as choosing the right doctor. You can also ask around your friends or family if they know some good dentist. You can also check online the nearest dental clinic to your home so that you can visit your dentist anytime you need. When you finally decide to see a doctor make sure that he or she listens to your teeth problems carefully and treat it likewise.

Use a bleaching agent

Your dentist will probably recommend you to use a whitening agent/ bleach which will be in gel form. See this is how it happens! Your dentist will make an impression of your teeth and use that to make a mold that will fit your mouth. The gel will be placed in the tray and you will be asked to keep it on for a specific amount of time. Remember this is a painless procedure but still you should ask your dentist anything you want to.

Use abrasive strips
Get Rid Of Yellowish Layer From Teeth Fast
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This is the second best option to get rid of yellowish layer. Your dentist will do it obviously as trying these at home can cause your enamel to break down. This procedure require expert vision and guidance so, ask your dentist for it. These strips are made of sandpaper like material that can easily slid between your teeth and used  to remove yellowing. Then your dentist will slowly put the strip up and down to polish your teeth. After this treatment do not drink colored drinks like coffee, tea or cold drinks.

Try the laser method

You can also try laser whitening to get rid of yellowish layer. This is one of the newest method used by dentist but this can be costly. What happens is this that your teeth are painted with a peroxide solution and then our teeth are exposed to very strong light. This procedure is fast and painless.

How can you prevent yellow stains?

Maintain a good oral hygiene

The best way to prevent your teeth from getting yellow is to maintain a good oral hygiene and take care of your mouth. This is really necessary and important too. You can ask your dentist for tips and can search it online also. Learn how to brush and floss to get rid of yellowish layer fast.

Points to consider

Brushing your teeth daily and in a good manner is the most significant. Make sure to brush twice once when you wake up and before sleeping. Using a brush with soft bristle really helps. And replace your tooth brush after every two months.

The other good thing you can do for your oral hygiene is to floss everyday Be gentle and firm.

Avoid certain foods

It is no secret that the type of food you eat affects the color and the hygiene of your mouth as well as your body. If you want to get rid of yellowish layer then limit your intake of coffee, tea, dark sodas, and red wine. And use straw every time you drink cold drinks.

Pay attention to your medicines

If your teeth get yellow suddenly then consult your doctor as consuming  certain types of medications might be the cause of this. Certain antibiotics are known to cause discoloration.

Stop smoking

Tobacco stains your teeth. There are many reasons to stop  smoking well it causes cancer, is not good for your health and it is also not good for your oral hygiene. When you will stop smoking you will start to notice that it was the reason behind several problems.


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