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How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars Overnight

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How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars Overnight …?

Acne scars is the worst thing that can happen to anyone ( especially a girl ). Every person on this planet has to deal with this problem once in his life. First of all, we have to deal with the acne on our face and after that when the acne is gone, the scar which is left makes our looks worse. How can i get rid of acne scars must be the most searched question on the giant Google as there is no definite solution or method to get rid of acne scars. Do not ask why…? Because neither we know. Acne scars are of various kinds. However, to get rid of acne scars we can try out the following cures.

Types of acne

There are mainly two types of acne. One is Non – inflammatory acne  ( blackheads and whiteheads ). And second is Inflammatory acne, this type of acne happens when a blackhead or whitehead releases it’s content to the surface and causes rupture which leads to inflammatory acne. This rupture can be caused by just touching the skin surface. This is the sole reason why we should not touch the acne prone skin.

How to get rid of acne scars overnight
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What causes acne scars ?

Acne scars are a result an inflamed lesion, such as a papule, pustule, or cyst. These blemishes occurs when the follicle, or pore, becomes engorged with excess oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. The pore swells which cause a break in the follicle wall. If the rupture occurs near the skin’s surface, the lesion is usually minor and heals quickly. More serious lesions arise when there is a deep break in the follicle wall. The infected material spills out  and  almost destroys healthy skin tissue. And to repair the damage done to the dermis, the skin start forming new collagen fibers. Collagen is the fibrous protein that gives the skin its strength and flexibility which is very necessary. Unfortunately, after the healing process which is entirely natural the skin never looks as smooth and flawless as before the injury. Taking proper care of our skin can heal these acne scars but it takes a lot of patience and remedies. Here are some of the common reasons which invites a acne on our skin. Knowing proper cause of the acne can help us to get rid of the problems causing acne.

1.) Heredity – It is believed that the main cause of acne development or attack runs in the family due to genetics though this still cause needs an yes from the experts. Meaning this reason is not yet verified. So don’t go and start yelling at your parents or grand parents for your acne scar.

2.) Food – Excess oil, chemicals and preservatives, and other elements present or mixed in the food you eat can cause or trigger acne attacks. Eating nuts and oily food are said to be the major contributors in having acne but experts have to still verify or gives a thumps up to this.

3.) Hormones – Changing of androgens (male hormones) and estrogens (female hormones) can lead to development of acne problems. Androgens contribute in increasing the production of sebum (oil) and enlargement of sebaceous glands in the skin. And, that explains why teens and women who are having their menstrual period are more prone to acne development. This is all natural and we cannot do anything to cope up with this problem.

4.) Bacteria – Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria that stay on the skin contribute in the developing of acne can cause inflammation, redness and a kind of itchiness and  irritation once the sebum, oil from the skin’s oil glands, gets dissolved by enzyme produced by the bacteria.

Types of acne scars

As the wound heals, the body sometimes produces too much collagen, which creates a lot of raised tissue on the skin’s surface. This type of scarring is called hypertrophic or keloid.

More commonly, acne causes atrophic scars. Atrophic scars develop when the production of the tissue is a lot in number. Ice pick and boxcar scars both are examples of atrophic scars. Inflammation is the single greatest sign or measurement of scar development. The greater the inflammation on the skin, the more likely is that the scar will occur.  Breakouts that take a very long time to heal increases the chance of scarring. Blackheads, whiteheads, and other non-inflamed blemishes typically do not cause scarring because these types of lesions do not injure the skin tissue.

 Often, what is taken to be an acne scar is not really a scar at all, but rather post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) which is bound to happen if acne occurs. This temporary problem of the skin will eventually fade on its own way. Don’t think that a miracle will happen overnight and you will get rid of the acne scar overnight. This process takes a little time but it will fade away possibly. Certain like treatment medications, such as Retin-A, may speed up your acne scar fading time.

Acne Scar Prevention

To lessen the chance of permanent scarring, try to reduce if possible inflammatory breakouts as much as possible. This means that don’t ever try to touch your acne if you don’t want its scar. So treat acne as soon as it starts to develop. This is the best thing you can do to get acne under control fast and effectively. This also means you have to consult with a dermatologist to help get your acne under control.

Control the temptation to pick or squeeze a pimple. Doing so can force debris deeper into the dermis, spreading an infection to other tissues and worsening inflammation. Picking at scabs should be avoided. A scab is the skin’s natural “bandage” which protects the wound as it takes time to heal. Picking a scab off a wound before it is ready disturbs the healing process and increases the chances of scarring.

Even with the most careful treatment, you may develop acne scars.

Get rid of acne scars by doing little changes in your daily life and habits

Before knowing how can you get rid of acne scars you should know as to what causes acne scars…? Acne scars occurs when normal tissue in your skin is destroyed and gets replaced by fibrous tissue. Fibrous tissue connects and supports  other tissues in the body. After having acne your body starts producing tissue and production of too much tissue cause hypertrophic scar and too little production of tissue  cause the formation of  atrophic scar. The deeper the lesion, the more permanent it will be as an acne scar. Following methods can help you get rid of acne scars quickly!

How to get rid of acne scars overnight
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Get rid of acne scars using Honey

Honey just not tastes good but it also have other benefits. Honey is the most effective way to get rid of acne scars in a short span of time. Plus it is best suitable if you have sensitive skin. Honey moisturizes your skin and is non – irritable, it does not itch your skin like chemical products. Apply honey directly at your acne scars and let it dry for almost 15 to 20 minutes. After that wash your face with lukewarm water. You will feel slight glow and smoothness. Honey is also considered on of the best natural face wash which is very beneficial and helpful for the skin.

Get rid of acne scars using baking soda

Many people consider baking soda harsh for their skin but it is not! Baking soda can make your acne scars vanish in no time, not just acne scars it is great for your hair too. Make paste of baking soda by combining it with 3 teaspoons of water. Mix both of them properly. Apply the paste all over your face and gently rub for 3 to 4 minutes in circular motion. After rubbing wash it off with slightly warm water. Baking soda will not only minimize your acne scars but also exfoliate your skin.

Get rid of acne scars using freshly squeezed lemon juice ( The natural bleach )

Lemon juice works as a natural bleach on your face. Mix lemon juice with water both should be in equal quantity. As if you only apply lemon juice it will burn. Apply the paste on your whole face for 10 to 15 minutes and then as usual wash it off. Lemon juice will make your acne scars light but this will take time. If you want to see results fast apply lemon juice twice a week.

Get rid of acne scars using aloe vera

The sap of the aloe vera helps in soothing from burns to wounds to acne scars. Aloe vera helps to rejuvenate skin and encourages acne scars to fade away. Nowadays, beauty products containing aloe vera are available in all drugstores. But the best way is to keep an aloe vera plant at home and use the sap from a broken leaf.

You can apply the gel like sap directly to your face for 20 to 25 minutes. For more intense results you can mix gel of aloe vera with tea tree oil, make a paste out of it and apply for half an hour.

Get rid of acne scars overnight by  using ice cubes

Why ice cubs…? Ice helps in soothing the inflamed skin and vanishing the redness which acne brings with itself. This will make your acne scars fade away. You can use ice cubes by wrapping them up in a piece of cloth and you have to rub it on your acne scars for a minute or two till the area start feeling numb ( Do  not freeze ).

You can also freeze green tea and use the resulting ice cubes to treat acne scars. Green tea have anti – inflammatory properties which is good for skin.

Get rid of acne scars using sandalwood paste

Sandalwood is known for its skin healing properties. Nowadays, sandalwood is available at markets in powder. Just take a large tablespoon of sandalwood and mix it with rose water. After preparing the mixture apply it on your face and keep it on for 15 to 20 minutes. You can apply sandalwood daily if you wish and have spare time. You can also add a small amount of honey if you desire to your sandalwood paste, adding honey will show you a lot better results.

Get rid of acne scars overnight using apple cider vinegar

When you have acne scars or any other kind of skin problem or infection the PH level of your skin gets unbalanced. Apple cider vinegar helps to manage the PH level of your skin. Add apple cider vinegar to water, mix it well and then apply on your face with a cotton ball daily. Apply it until you start seeing results.

Get rid of acne scars overnight using Cortisone cream

Cortisone cream is the best product you can use to get rid of acne scars, first consult your doctor to know what kind of cortisone cream will suit your skin texture. Various kinds of Cortisone creams are available at all shops. If you buy the cream, read the label properly and apply it only on the affected area.

Get rid of acne scars overnight using skin lightning cream

Not all skin lightning creams comes under this category, only those creams which contains ingredients such as kojic acid, arbutin, licorice extract, mulberry extract, and vitamin C  ( That’s it !! ). All these ingredients are very beneficial when it comes to lighten and fade away the skin hyperpigmentation caused by acne scars without causing damage or irritation. Further, the products which you need to strictly ignore if you want to get rid of acne scars which contains hydroquinone.

how to get rid of acne scars overnight
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Get rid of acne scars overnight using glycolic or salicylic acid treatments

Glycolic and salicylic acids both are found in many skincare products, such as creams, ointments and scrubs. They are very effective exfoliants which helps skin to shed skin layers, you can also consult a doctor and get a glcolic chemical peel which works in the same way as the creams and scrubs.

Get rid of acne scars with the help of laser treatment

If after trying all of the above your acne scars does not fade away on their own then you should opt for a laser therapy. It is a bit costly but the acne scars is guaranteed to fade away. Many people opt for laser treatment and get rid of acne scars immediately. Everything will depend on what kind of therapy you choose. Instead of getting confused you should consult a dermatologist and get his or her opinion. He will guide you whether it is best to opt for laser treatment or not.

Get rid of acne scars with the help of chemical peels

These treatments are not going to fade your acne scars away overnight, as they can be quite harsh and the skin might take it’s time to heal. However, they are definitely worth considering if you find that creams and lotions are not working, about evening out your skin tone.

Get rid of acne scars by protecting your skin

1.) Always protect your skin from the harsh ultraviolet rays. Use a sunscreen before leaving home. You can cover your face with a cloth at day time.

2.) Use gentle skin care (beauty) products. Some beauty products can be harsh on your skin or can show side affects. So be careful while choosing the type of beauty products for your skin.

3.) Avoid using hot water while washing your face. Hot water can dry your skin. Washing face with cold water is very beneficial as it soothes and moisture your skin and removes all types of dirt particles present on your skin.

4.) Avoid using harsh cloth to clean your face. As these are very harsh and can harm your skin. Use soft and delicate products to wipe your face.

5.) Exfoliate your skin daily. Exfoliating helps to get rid of rough skin and acne scars. As acne scars affects only the upper layer of the skin, exfoliating skin daily can speed up the fading of acne scars.

6.) Try to use one kind of scrub, do not change your scrub every month.

Try following these tips and follow them strictly and you will surely get rid of acne scars which are making you less confident indirectly.


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