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How To Gain Weight

How to gain weight fast

6. Eat Lots of Protein

How to gain weight with proteins? Muscles are made up of protein and protein is the essential element to build muscle mass. Without protein, the extra calories you are taking will end up as body fat which is not good for your health. For gaining weight, 1 gm of protein per kg of your body weight is needed. Example – With 60 Kg of body weight, you will need around 60 gms of protein daily. With higher calorie intake, you can increase your protein intake too. Foods like fish, meat, dairy products are rich in protein. You can also opt for whey protein supplements after consulting your physician.

7. Make A Change

Don’t eat the same foods every week as you will get bored. Change the type of foods you eat week after week and then come back to the previous ones. This will not only help you in eating but will also give you the chance to eat new types of food.  You can also perform this technique in your exercise. Change the type of exercise you do every week while weight training.

8. Eat Before Sleep

Most of our regeneration and healing process in our body starts while we are sleeping. For fast weight gain, eating just right before bed is a best idea. Eat foods which are a high in calories so that your body digests it properly while you are sleeping.


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9. Weight Gain Supplements

Taking weight gaining supplements is another answer for the question how to gain weight. You can take supplements but it is very important to exercise as well. The supplements you take contains a lot of carbohydrates and protein. You need to exercise regularly to burn that extra carbs and protein or else it can show side effects on your body.

10. Remember Consistency

You must be dedicated and consistent to gain weight or else it is not going to help. Overnight success is just a myth in this case. Your body will slowly start accepting whatever you eat and will digest it properly. It can take time in weight gain but in the long run you will definitely see the results. Just make sure that you are eating healthy food only as your health is more important than your body size and weight. 



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