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Fight Hair Fall With These Home Remedies

Fight Hair Fall With These Home Remedies

Many people now-a-days are going through the problem of hair loss and it is common among many people. Do you see more hair in your brush than normal? No need to worry. If your age is less than 35, then it is possible that you can grow back your hair with a little effort. But for people of age more than 35, it is very difficult to grow back hair but it is possible that the hair loss can be controlled and stopped. First of all, you need to know that what are the ingredients which can help in hair growth. But in this article, we are only going to discuss that how different home remedies can help in hair growth. These methods is one of the most inexpensive and easy method for hair growth. There are various ways or methods, home remedies for hair growth. But before trying these methods, make sure that you are not allergic to certain food items such as onion, garlic, fenu greek or to certain oils such as coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil.


You cannot miss oiling your hair once or twice a week if you love your hair. Teenagers these days do not use oil instead they use other hair products and as a result of it their hair becomes dry and start to fall. Not oiling your hair at fair intervals is one of the reasons you have weak and dry  hair. Not oiling also makes the hair follicles weak. You can use almond and olive oil to massage your hair. You can also use powerful some herbal oil to repair the damage that has been already done to your hair. Oiling your hair is one of the best ways to get rid of falling hair and also to prevent them from happening at an early age. The minimum time before you can wash your hair after oiling is three hours.

Fight Hair Fall With These Home Remedies
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Henna, which is a natural dye, also heals the scalp from previous damage. To keep the whitening and dry hair, you should use henna at least once a week. Henna protects your hair from damage.

Natural Conditioners

A lot of people do not use colors as they are filled with chemicals, people are often scared that this can make their hair weak and also turn them in to white. You can use also make hair color at home, you can make a paste of Gooseberries and black walnuts, and mix them. You can also use natural oil in them, as a home made moisturizer. You can use this home made thrice a week and see the following results:

  • Your hair will become more strong,
  • Your hair will slowly return to their natural color,
  • Your hair scalp will become stronger.
  • The damage will vanish.
Amla Paste

Amla is a great way to prevent hair fall and it has been proven too. Eating Amla on daily basis is good for health and as well as for hair too. To make Amla paste you will require the following:

First, cut amla into various pieces and make a paste out of it. Apply this pate on your scalp for twenty minutes, once  a week. Then , rinse off with water. You will soon see results

Henna and Fenugreek Seed Powder

We have already told you the awesome benefits of Henna and it’s usage for the prevention of hair fall. Let us talk about fenugreek seed powder then, in Hindi known as methi seeds. These seeds are extremely beneficial for hair growth and it also prevents hair loss. The paste of these seeds can be used as a hair mask. Following is the method to make paste:

Combine two tablespoon of henna, one tablespoon of fenugreek seed powder, one tablespoon of curd, one tablespoon of coffee powder ( yup, coffee! ), two tablespoon of juice of mint leaves, and two tablespoon of tulsi juice. Mix all of them well enough and into a really smooth paste.

  • Apply this paste to your hair and leave it on for minimum two hours of you want to see good results, and for four hours if you want dark color. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and do not use shampoo. Use shampoo the next day.
  • Use moisturizer also.
Fight Hair Fall With These Home Remedies
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Heat Protection

This is a very useful measure against early  hair fall. Excessive heat and sweat can make the  more dry than usual. The hair follicles become weak and also start to age. As a result of this your hair goes gray and white. Use caps and umbrellas whenever you step out in the scorching heat. Avoid bathing in extreme hot water and also say no to direct heat from blowers that you use to pat your hair dry. If you have already damaged your hair due to heat as you did not knew about this apply cool hair packs to reverse the damage. The scalp gets moisturized with a regular use of such cool conditioner hair packs. Once the normal pH level of the scalp gets restored, white hair follicles wither away. It further promotes new hair growth.

Eat B-12

Eating vitamin b- 12 is one of the best way to prevent hair loss and whitening. Vitamin B- 12 keeps your scalp healthy and also prevent hair whitening. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables which are  rich in Vitamin B12 (yeast, cheese, avocados, oranges, plums and cranberry etc )  and also to develop a healthy diet. When you start eating food which are rich in vitamin B-12 then you can see yourself your hair turning back to normal.

Use Biotin Rich Food

Biotin is a natural ingredient which maintains the black color of hair. Thus, include biotin rich food in your food or diet to maintain blackness of your hair, food like oatmeal and almonds contains good amount of biotin in them. There are many products available in the market nowadays whom claim to have biotin in them, you can also use these products in order to have healthy cum black hair and prevent hair fall.

Onion Juice

The presence of sulfur concentration in onion helps in some hair conditions which leads to hair fall. So, we need to check what are the actual reasons for the hair fall so that we can take preventive measures to stop hair fall. Regular application of Onion Juice on hair improves blood circulation and provides the hair follicles with enough nourishment so that they can grow.

So, onion juice has many properties which can help in hair growth as well as stops the hair fall too. Even oral consumption of Onion is also beneficial for hair growth. We all know that onion juice is a bit smelly but we can adjust it for our hair growth since onion juice is one of the best ingredient for hair growth. So, make sure that you add onions in your regular recipes as it even enhances the taste of the recipe as well as help in hair growth.

Fight Hair Fall With These Home Remedies
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Onion Juice and Honey Hair Mask

The ingredients you need are obviously the onion juice or onion paste after blending small pieces of onions in the blender and one tablespoon honey.

So have the onion juice and honey. Mix two tablespoons of onion juice and one tablespoon of honey and mix them well in a bowl. The best part of this method is that you can even consume the mixture as it will be beneficial for hair growth. You can also apply the mixture on your hair and keep it for 30 minutes and after that rinse your hair with warm water. It will also give your hair a shine as well as strengthen the roots.

The mixture of onion juice and honey for hair growth can be used twice per week for better results.

Rum and Onion Juice

The ingredients needed are a small onion and about 50 ml of Rum.

First, chop the onion into small pieces and then keep them in a jar. Add the 50 ml rum in the same jar and let it stay overnight. In the morning, mix the ingredients and apply it on your scalp. After keeping it for 30 minutes, rinse your hair with warm water or any shampoo. Make sure that the ingredients are mixed thoroughly.

This method should be used once a week. The rum can even dry your hair so make sure that you do not use this mixture more than once a week.

All of the above mentioned methods are effective when it comes to rescuing hair falling.

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