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Depression And Its Symptoms And Warning Signs

Who said living life is easy? Because it looks beautiful and smooth from outside but it is a rocky and hard journey which every single human being have to bear. Life is a combination of all happiness, sadness, loss and gain. Some people recover fast from loss and sadness but other’s take a lot of effort and struggle to get back to normal. Well, mostly people do recover but some cannot. It does not matter how hard they try they cannot forget such specific events in their life which makes them sad and gloomy. And because of that they fell victim to depression. When we hear depression we think how hard can it be? Is it a real disease even? It cannot be life threatening or can it be? Things like that occurs in our mind. We do not our full attention to people living around us or roaming around us, do we really think about other person sorrows even in our family. Do we? Today, human being have become selfish, according to every individual their problem is the biggest!  This is not so true open your eyes and mind and look around there can be people whom are suffering from depression and even do not know about this. It can be anybody, your family, friends or co-workers. The main and social reason I think that detecting depression makes hard is that today people communicate but through social media like facebook, what’s app and twitter. We get to know about people mind state through their social media status. Isn’t this ironic? People do not talk about their problems openly with other individual. This is the main social reason why more and more people are falling prey to depression nowadays.

What is Depression?

According to Wikipedia, Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity or apathy that can affect  a person thoughts, behavior, feelings and a sense of well- being. But to put it in simple words. Depression is  a serious health issue that impacts the brain. People who are not suffering from depression to may say that this is all imaginary or relax…this is just a phase and it will pass. And all that positive shit! The thing that people forget is that we all are human being and it is impossible to stay happy and optimistic all the freaking time! You are allowed to be normal it’s your life. But depression is not at all imaginary. It do exist.

Depression is more than a feeling. It is a serious problem and it happens when the chemistry of your brain gets affected. People  who are depressed can and do feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, guilty, helpless, worthless, irritable and ashamed or restless. They may lose interest in doing stuff or will not do any activity, they will not find anything pleasurable for example: when an individual is depressed they stop eating even their favorite food or will not do anything which was once their favorite thing to do.

A person suffering from depression will may experience loss in appetite or overeating, will have problem in concentrating on anything, will find it hard to make any kind of decision and will keep on forgetting things, may experience difficulties in their relationships, can even attempt to die or suicide, will have no aim or desire to live anymore.

Other things that  a depressed person will face is they will find it hard to sleep leading to insomnia or excessive sleeping, fatigue ( feeling tired all the time ), aches, pain, can have digestive problems, or may feel low on energy even after eating healthy food or after a long sleep. Basically, a depressed person will be lost in his/her own house.

Depression is a common problem

According to, World Health Organisation depression is one of the most common and disabling disorders in the world, and it affects roughly one in five women and one in ten men at some point in their life.  Depression can happen to anyone, it does not matter if you are rich or poor, educated or illiterate, an adult or children or even old. Every single individual have to go through depression once in their life but it is very rare that depression happens twice to the same person. What matters is that the person is able to fight depression or not? This is the only thing that matters. Depression can be more serious if it is combined with other diseases like diabetes, stroke or any kind of heart problem, cardiovascular diseases, or other related problems like anxiety etc etc.

Causes of depression

What are the causes of depression? scientist agrees that depression is a brain disorder but still the debate on the causes of depression does not stop or come to any final conclusion. There are many causes of depression and we are going to discuss every single of it. To start with:

Life Events

There are some serious things or feelings which can lead to depression in your adult life. These include adversity in childhood, such as bereavement, neglect, mental abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, unequal parenting. These are the reasons of depression in a person’s life out of these sexual and physical abuse are the most major reasons. Parents often to be strict hit their children and they are not doing anything wrong! But they forget that every person is different some child do recover and forget but some may not which gives your child a horrific picture of their childhood which remains with them for the rest pf their lives. And as far as unequal parenting goes this is another huge not knowingly mistake of every modern parent and this generally occurs in every house.

Apart from these sexual abuse is a serious problem and issue, parents should support their children going throughout and until they recover from this.

There are some changes and life events which also cause depression like child birth, menopause, financial difficulties, unemployment, work stress, medical diagnoses ( such as HIV, cancer etc ), bullying, loss or death of a loved one, natural disasters, social isolation, rape, relationship troubles, jealousy, separation, and catastrophic injury. Teenagers are most affected by social rejection which leads them to depression and due to peer pressure and bullying too.


Certain medicines also lead to depression and have caused troubles for some patients. These include medications for hepatitis c such as interferon, anxiety and sleep such as benzodiazepines, high blood pressure such as beta clockers and reserpine, hormonal treatment such as corticosteroids and contraceptives.

Non-psychiatric diseases

Depression can happen because of other health issues also such as nutritional deficiencies, neurological conditions, and psychological conditions including hypoandrogenism, Adisson’s disease, Cusshing’s disease, Lyme disease, Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

Personal factors

There are some personal factors or issues you can say because of which depression happens to a person.

Family history

Depression can also run in a family, shocking! right but it is true like other diseases depression can also run in family and a person might be at greater risk for having depression if it runs in the family. But does it not mean that if any of your relatives have depression you will also have it.


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Some people can have depression because of their personality. Specifically if they worry a lot or overthink. Other traits of personality which can be at greater risk of having depression are low self-esteem, sensitive to criticism, self critical and negative.

Drug and alcohol use

Drug and alcohol use can both lead to and result to depression. Many people with depression have drug or alcohol problem.

Symptoms of depression

Symptoms of depression differ from person to person but there are some things which are common. And it depends on individuals.

Depression in men

When a men is in depression he will feel helplessness or self- loathing. Instead a men complaints about fatigue, irritability, sleep problems, and loss of interest in work or any kind of activity. When a men is in depression other factors which you can notice are anger, aggression, and reckless behavior.

Depression in women

Women are likely to feel guilty, excessive sleeping, overeating, and weight gain. Depression in women are caused by a lot of other factors also like hormonal imbalance, menopause. One out of seven women after childbirth feel a condition known as postpartum depression.

Depression in teens

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Teenagers are more likely to get into depression because of bullying and changes they are facing with their body and it is a part of growing up. Teenagers who are going through depression complain about headache, stomachaches and other kind of physical pain. They would behave more angry, irritating and aggressive.

Other symptoms of depression

Other symptoms of depression include to be more simpler:

  • Sudden change in sleeping pattern:  When a person hits depression a change in his/her sleeping pattern will occur either they will turn into a insomnia or they will start sleeping for long hours. So if you notice that suddenly you are sleeping less or more consult a doctor and make sure you are not going through depression.
  • Anger: We are not sure as to why this happens but when a person is going through depression he or she will be more angry than normal. Meaning that the person going through depression gets angry even at little things and this can be sign of some serious mental problem.
  • Hard to concentrate: When a person is in depression he or she cannot remain focussed and is unable to make any kind of decision.

Types of depression

There are many type of depression. Following is the list of various kinds of depression.

Major depression

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Major depressive disorder also known as depression, is a mental disorder and can be detected if a person is in low mood for at least two weeks. Other noticeable signs of this problem are low self – esteem, loss of interest in all the fun activities and pain without a particular cause. In this type of depression people can hear or see things which other people do not. Major depressive disorder can affect a person personal life also, his or her work life etc. In this people are generally treated by counselling and anti- depressants. Medications are effective and can prove to be beneficial but only for a short period of time. Types of counselling try or use methods including interpersonal therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

In 2013, approximately 253 millions people were affected and were facing major depressive disorder. This is a serious health issue and should be treated like one also. This is the worst kind of depression  a person can face in his or her lifetime.

Atypical depression

 Atypical depression is also known as the depression with atypical feature, this depression can be improved by taking part in positive events. Features of atypical depression include significant weight gain or an increased appetite, hypersomnia, a heavy sensation in the limbs. It is not unusual or uncommon. Atypical depression is two to three times more common in woman then in men.

Symptoms of atypical depression

Following are the main symptoms of atypical depression:

  • Mood brightens in response to positive events.
  • And at least two of the following:
  • 1. Significant weight loss or gain.
  • 2. Hypersomnia.
  • 3. Leaden paralysis.

This type of depression is a chronic syndrome that tends to become earlier in life than other forms of depression. It usually begins in teenage and keeps on increasing. An individual suffering from atypical depression is more likely to have some serious mental issues like personality disorder, anxiety disorders such as borderline personality disorder, avoidant personality disorder, and obsessive- compulsive disorder.


Dysthymia also known as neurotic depression, dysthymic disorder, or chronic depression, is simply a mood disorder. This type of depression consists same cognitive and physical problems as in “just” depression with less severe but long lasting symptoms. This whole concept came in to light by Robert Spitzer in the late 1970’s as a replacement of the term “Depressive personality”. Dysthymia is a serious state of chronic depression which lasts for two years ( one for childerns and adolscents ). This type of depression is less dangerous than major depressive disorder.

Symptoms of dysthymia

Following are the main symptoms of dysthymia:

  • Low energy and drive.
  • Low self- esteem.
  • Low capacity of pleasure.
  • In more severe cases people may even withdraw themselves from daily activities.

Seasonal affective disorder

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Seasonal affective disorder is also known as winter depression, winter blues, summer depression or seasonal depression, it is a mood disorder and it is a very weird and hard to understand. What happens in this is that first of all it happens to normal people. A normal person who gets depressed on a particular or specific period of time every year. For example: Imagine there is a girl name, Rosie who is perfectly normal like any other person, but she gets depressed or fall prey to depression in summers only or in winters only or both! But people suffering from this gets depression mostly in winters. Understood! Earlier this type of depression was not recognized but over the years this condition is recognized as a common disorder.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine notes that or says that “some people experience a serious mood change when the season changes”.  They may sleep too much, have little energy and may feel depressed. People who have this condition in summers gets or can also face high level of anxiety.

Symptoms of seasonal affective disorder

There are many symptoms and signs of this, and they are the following:

  • An individual suffering from seasonal affective disorder feel hopeless and worthless.
  • Thoughts of suicide.
  • Loss of interest in any kind of activity.
  • Withdrawal from social interaction.
  • Sleep and appetite problems.
  • Decreased sex drive.
  • A lack of energy.
  • Agitation.

    Symptoms of winter ( seasonal affective disorder )

  • Difficulty in waking up.
  • Nausea.
  • Over eating.
  • Craving for carbohydrates which leads to weight gain.

Risk factors

You are more likely to get depression if the following conditions prevail:

  • Loneliness and isolation.
  • Lack of social support.
  • Recent stressful life experience.
  • Family history of depression.
  • Marital or relationship problem.
  • Financial strain.
  • Early childhood trauma.
  • Alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Unemployment.
  • Health problems or chronic pain.

How can you treat depression?

Depression is a problem or a disease which can decrease with the support of loved ones, family and friends support, love and positive sorroundings. But there are other methods too with the help of which you can get rid of depression.

Do your research on depression, get to know what kind of depression you have. Once you are cleared as to what kind of depression you are going through, learn about it and  get a hold on yourself.

After knowing about the depression, find the right kind of treatment for yourself.

Do not depend on medications entirely! Medications are necessary as they help you get rid of various symptoms related to depression. But they are not suitable for a long term usage.

Make lifestyle changes

Make significant life changes to fight depression. Like start exercising, maintain a healthy diet, take notice and control your sleeping habits.

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