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Daily Diet Chart For Weight Loss


Today, we going to talk about diet chart, not just a diet chart but daily diet chart for weight loss.Losing weight is very crucial as it needs discipline and hard work. First let us know as to what is a diet? Some people often get confused by this term ”diet”!

Diet : A special course or choice of food a person restricts himself to eat either to gain weight or lose is known as diet. It is as simple as that. You do not need to be confused about it, it is not that complicated. If you want to lose weight or gain or for any other medical reasons, a person creates a diet  ( food filled with nutrition ), to follow and eat at a certain point of time. But a daily diet differs from a normal diet, especially when a person wants to lose weight fast.

We are going to tell you a four week Indian diet, in short daily diet chart for weight loss which will make losing weight a lot easier for you as you no longer will have to search random questions, what should I eat to lose weight? should eat this or not? questions like these.

Daily diet chart for weight loss: Proteins, Proteins and Proteins

It does not matter whether you are planning to lose weight or to gain! You have to make sue to eat the right amount of protein and you have to include protein in your daily diet that is for sure.Proteins are significant for cell signaling, immune responses, cell adhesion, and the cell cycle. Proteins should be a part of your daily diet chart for weight loss as it  have structural and mechanical functions to perform in our body. So, the main point is that protein is very important to weight loss. Our body require or need you can conclude  1 and 1.5 times your body weight in grams of protein. To make it sound more easy imagine your body weight is 100 kg then you would require 100 grams of protein daily if you want to lose weight, you have to be consistent in eating protein. But if you already are a bodybuilder than eating double  amount of protein per day is not harmful for you. So, know what is your body weight and calculate the amount of protein your body would need and start eating that amount of protein per day. Following is the list of food which are filled with protein :



                                                             | Image Credit |

1.) Red meat like beef, pork, lamb, bison etc.

2.) Fish is very rich in protein not all kinds! Fish like tuna, salmon, swordfish, bass, trout, mackerel etc.

3.) Poultry breast, from chicken, turkey and duck.

4.) Eggs, especially egg whites. Not the yolk. The yolk is high in cholesterol but once or twice a week is not that harmful.

5.) All kinds of dairy products, like milk, yogurt, cheese and cottage cheese.

Include all these food items in your best diet to build muscles. As these are filled with nutrition and protein.

It is important to know the difference what is complete and incomplete protein

In order to lose weight after knowing and understanding what is protein and which food to include in your daily diet chart for weight loss. The next step is knowing as to what is a complete and incomplete protein. To lose weight  you need to eat complete proteins which is found in eggs, meat, fish, cheese and other dairy products. These food items are for the non – vegetarians! Right but what about the vegetarians…? Do not worry there are a lot of food items which are high in protein and which vegetarians can eat. Following is the list of all the food items, hence complete vegetarians proteins include :

1.) Soy,

2.) Quinoa,

3.) Buckwheat,

4.) Chia,

5.) Hempseed,

6.) beans.

Include all these food items in your daily diet chart for weight loss.

Daily diet chart for weight loss: Include carbohydrates

What are carbohydrates ?


                                                       | Image Credit |

Carbohydrates are sugars that break down inside the body to create glucose. Glucose moves around the body  ( in blood ) and is the primary source of energy for the brain, muscles and other essential cells. Hence,  is necessary to lose weight. You should include carbs in your daily diet chart for weight loss.

When you want to lose weight you have to eat carbohydrates and it is necessary as your body demands it while working out. If you do not consume enough carbohydrates your body will not have enough energy reserves and it can break down your muscles instead. To lose weight your diet should include about 40 to 60 % of carbohydrates, or about 1500 calories per day for your body to feed.

Points to remember

1.)  Carbs have a very confused and bad reputation in almost every dieting guides. The reason behind this is the “complex carbs”,  as they break down slowly and also have a low – glycemic index, they are acceptable to eat after a work out and especially in the morning in breakfast. Try to eat that carbs which are low in glycemic index, as they are healthier. These are the following :

  •  Brown Rice  ( Basmati )
  • Rolled oats
  • Sweet potato
  • Wholemeal rye wheat
  • Wholewheat spaghetti.

Daily diet chart for weight loss: Maintain your salt intake

It is absolutely true that excessive amount of salt intake can lead to hypertension but you can lose large amount of sodium when you sweat! Also, sodium aids in muscle contraction, which is the main reason it is present in all sports drink. So, make sure you eat sodium but a proper amount not more or less. Include those food items in your daily diet chart for weight loss which include less salt per say.

Daily diet chart for weight loss: Week One

Early morning

Any one fruit of your choice, you can eat an apple, banana or papaya.


                                  | Image Credit |

Paneer sandwich ( cheese ), with Idli, Sambhar, 2 Egg omelette, with two whole grain bread, and One glass of vegetable juice.


Four walnuts, two dates, fruit of your choice, and coconut water.


One plate of salad with vinegar setting.


Two whole grain roti, One bowl of red or brown rice, One bowl of any pulse/ Dal, Egg bhurji, and One bowl of low fat curd.


One glass of milk or green tea.


One bowl of chicken gravy, One bowl of brown rice, Two whole grain roti’s, One bowl of low fat curd, One bowl of salad or soup, and One bowl of Sambhar.

Daily diet chart for weight loss: Week Two

Early morning

A glass of wheat grass juice.


Two medium vegetable uthappam with sambhar, One bowl of vegetable dalia, oats and ragi dosa, and One glass of vegetable juice.


One glass of whey protein shake with milk.


One bowl of minestrone soup with more vegetable and a lot less pasta.


Two multigrain Roti, One bowl of vegetable, One bowl of pulse chaat it can be rajma, chana, black chana, One bowl of brown rice, and One bowl of low-fat curd.


One bowl of vegetable any, One bowl of brown basmati rice chicken biryani, One bowl of vegetable pulao, One bowl of vegetable curd or raita, One bowl of salad of your own choice, One bowl of low-fat curd, and One bowl of fish curry.

Rotate this diet in a month, alternate the diet, this is your daily diet chart for weight loss. This is Indian diet chart, especially for vegetarians, all of the above should be made from no-oil, and if oil is compulsory than minimum use of oil, as much as possible. Patience and persistence is the key when it comes to losing weight just remember that, results will show.


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