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How To Cure Tooth Sensitivity At Home

Teeth sensitivity is a widespread and a common problem now-a-days, especially in middle age. Teeth sensitivity can cause a sharp pain in your teeth and discomfort which happens when your teeth comes in contact with hot or cold food. The main reason behind teeth sensitivity is because of the enamel being damaged which protects the teeth due to rough handling or hard brushing.

Once the enamel gets damaged, the nerve ends gets irritated and then all this lead to teeth sensitivity. There are many ways through which teeth sensitivity can be controlled and reduced.

How can you cure tooth sensitivity

Change your toothpaste

If you feel discomfort while brushing why not change your toothpaste? It can create some kind of relief to your problem. Use toothpaste which is made for help in combating tooth sensitivity. Toothpaste which contains arginine are more effective than sensitive toothpaste as these toothpaste contains potassium as their active ingredient.

Change your toothbrush

If changing your toothpaste does not create quite a change then try changing your toothbrush. Use toothbrush which have soft bristles. Bristles which are hard can damage tooth enamel and also can cause gums to recede, leading to sensitive teeth. If changing your toothbrush can reduce your tooth sensitivity then why not try it. While brushing your teeth try not to be too hard. As brushing hard can also damage your gums and enamel.

Use a numbing agent

If your pain is killing you, yo can also use gels that are used to numb the pain or control tooth sensitivity. These kinds of gels are sold over the counters or you can ask your dentist for it. However, many dentist are against the use of it, especially to treat sensitive teeth in small children.

Why not use a night guard?

How to cure tooth sensitivity at home
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Some sensitivity problems are caused by grinning and if it is the reason of your problem then you can also wear a protecting night guard during the night. If you cannot find a night guard then your dentist can make it for you according to your shape. They are available over the counter as well. You can also massage your jaw if you want to get relief.

Take an OTC pain relief

If after looking into all these options you still have tooth sensitivity pain! You can try or use Acetaminophen and ibuprofen as medications to get you some relief. But do not use this as a long term solutions pain medications can have side effects too. Be careful with the dosage you take.

You can make your own mouthwash

You can kind of make your own mouthwash at home and using it or rinsing your mouth with it three to four times a day can cure tooth sensitivity or can help you with it. Following is the list of all the options of mouthwash you can make.

1: You can make your own mouthwash by using just water, salt and lime juice. Boil all of these together and after that let it cool down. Then use all of them at different intervals.

2: You can use guava leaves. Yes, leaves. Boil four to five guava leaves in water and let it cool down. Use it at suitable intervals.

3: This is the simplest and the easiest mouthwash you can make. Just add a few drops of olive oil in half a glass and rinse your mouth with it at suitable intervals.

4: You can also use wheat grass juice as mouthwash, which can be both extracted at home or purchased from market.

Try applying soothing herbs to reduce tooth sensitivity

As we all know that there ought to be some folk and old ways to get rid of every disease. So, here are some ways to get rid of tooth sensitivity. And many of them can be easily made at home. Let’s take a look.

1: Cloves have antiseptic properties and can help you get rid of tooth sensitivity. You have to make oil out of it. Just crush a clove into little bit of olive oil.

How to cure tooth sensitivity at home
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2: You can crush one or two garlic or you can use mustard oil mixed with rock salt and then apply on your tooth to relieve the tooth sensitivity.

3: You can also add pepper and salt with a little bit of water together and then apply on your teeth to get rid of tooth sensitivity.

Use an ice pack

By using ice pack on your never ending pain or tooth sensitivity you can numb the pain and can cure it with time. If you do not have an ice pack, you can make it just by wrapping ice cubes in a piece of cloth. By using ice pack we do not mean apply it directly, apply it on your cheeks and let it be there and do it work.

There are some changes you can make in your life also to get rid of tooth sensitivity. Let’s take a look at what changes you can make:

You can cut down on acidic foods and drinks

There are some foods and drinks which contain a lot of acid in them, they can damage the layer of enamel.

Points to remember

1: Do not brush your teeth for thirty minutes after eating acidic food.

2: Fruits can be acidic if followed by some vegetables, especially if they have been pickled.

Cut down on sugar ( if you can )

Do not think that you consume sugar only when you eat it! No, every food contain a little amount of sugar in it. So, this way we consume a lot of sugar more than required. When you eat sugar it creates a home for bacteria in your mouth which triggers gum problems and tooth decay which results in tooth sensitivity.

How to cure tooth sensitivity at home
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Points to remember

1: Even if you want to drink sugary drinks follow it with consumption of a little bit of water to restore the PH level of your mouth and in order to avoid tooth sensitivity.

2: Try to brush your teeth after twenty minutes of eating or drinking sugary drinks.

3: Use straw so that your teeth do not come in contact with sugary drink directly.

Include Garlic, Wheat grass or Guava leaves

Why Garlic and Wheat grass? The reason is that both of them are antibiotic and can reduce your aching pain. Wheat grass is very effective as it will help control infection and also fights tooth decay. Guava leaves is also very helpful as they are anti-inflammatory and relieves pain. If you eat spinach and onions raw they can reduce teeth  sensitivity to a great extent.

Do not grind your teeth

How to cure tooth sensitivity at home
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You might not know this but grinding your teeth can really piss off the pain. So, stop doing it. Yeah, sometimes we don’t even realize it that we are grinding our teeth. But if your jaw is stiff or your teeth are worn down this can be a sign that you are grinding your teeth. You  can visit a nearby dentist or can take your help from your regular dentist, your dentist can prescribe you a night guard to prevent night time teeth grinding. The main reason behind grinding is stress, spend time with yourself and help yourself to relieve stress. To put it in simple words de-stress yourself.

Try to rebuild your enamel

Yes, you can rebuild your enamel layer! It is very simple you just need baking soda for it. Gargling and brushing your teeth with baking soda can help to rebuild enamel. The amount of water should be more than baking soda keep that in mind.

Control dry mouth

Dry mouth can happen for many reasons. Let’s take a look at the reasons first:

1: It can be a side effect of regular medications or treatments.

2: It can be a sign of a disease and infections.

3: It can also be a sign of nerve damage.

4: Dehydration.

5: Or your life choices or eating habits can also be a reason such as chewing tobacco or smoking.

How to cure tooth sensitivity at home
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Whatever the reason maybe it can lead to tooth sensitivity along with other problems too like high risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and also infection. You can do the following things to reduce tooth sensitivity.

1: You can talk to your doctor and switch to other medications which promotes the production of saliva.

2: You should quit tobacco if you want to get rid of teeth sensitivity. Try to stop.

3: Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated.


Sealants are used for sealing the teeth the main reason behind this is that the nerves do not get irritated when you eat something cold or hot food. Sealants are normally made of plastic material and acts as a barrier to your teeth and hence prevents teeth sensitivity. Dentists also use sealants while treating tooth sensitivity. This is a very simple and easy procedure which keeps pain and discomfort at bay. But if your pain or tooth sensitivity is high than getting a root canal is the answer to your problem.

You can chew gum

No we are not joking we are serious chewing gum can prevent tooth sensitivity. Chewing sugarless gum will help you to produce saliva which indirectly prevent tooth sensitivity. Just do not chew all too sugary gum.

Try to follow all of these steps and it will surely help you to get rid of tooth sensitivity. Just be patient.


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