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How To Cure Depression By Yourself

How To Cure Depression By Yourself

Today depression is a common issue and a lot of person’s are going through it. Who said living life is easy? Because it looks beautiful and smooth from outside but it is a rocky and hard journey which every single human being have to bear. Life is a combination of all happiness, sadness, loss and gain. Some people recover fast from loss and sadness but other’s take a lot of effort and struggle to get back to normal. Well, mostly people do recover but some cannot. It does not matter how hard they try they cannot forget such specific events in their life which makes them sad and gloomy. And because of that they fell victim to depression. When we hear depression we think how hard can it be? Is it a real disease even? It cannot be life threatening or can it be?

Things like that occurs in our mind. We do not our full attention to people living around us or roaming around us, do we really think about other person sorrows even in our family. Do we? Today, human being have become selfish, according to every individual their problem is the biggest!  This is not so true open your eyes and mind and look around there can be people whom are suffering from depression and even do not know about this. It can be anybody, your family, friends or co-workers. The main and social reason I think that detecting depression makes hard is that today people communicate but through social media like facebook, what’s app and twitter. We get to know about people mind state through their social media status. Isn’t this ironic? People do not talk about their problems openly with other individual. This is the main social reason why more and more people are falling prey to depression nowadays.

What is depression?

According to Wikipedia, Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity or apathy that can affect  a person thoughts, behavior, feelings and a sense of well- being. But to put it in simple words. Depression is  a serious health issue that impacts the brain. People who are not suffering from depression to may say that this is all imaginary or relax…this is just a phase and it will pass. And all that positive shit! The thing that people forget is that we all are human being and it is impossible to stay happy and optimistic all the freaking time! You are allowed to be normal it’s your life. But depression is not at all imaginary. It do exist.

How To Cure Depression By Yourself
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Depression is more than a feeling. It is a serious problem and it happens when the chemistry of your brain gets affected. People  who are depressed can and do feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, guilty, helpless, worthless, irritable and ashamed or restless. They may lose interest in doing stuff or will not do any activity, they will not find anything pleasurable for example: when an individual is depressed they stop eating even their favorite food or will not do anything which was once their favorite thing to do.

A person suffering from depression will may experience loss in appetite or overeating, will have problem in concentrating on anything, will find it hard to make any kind of decision and will keep on forgetting things, may experience difficulties in their relationships, can even attempt to die or suicide, will have no aim or desire to live anymore.

Other things that  a depressed person will face is they will find it hard to sleep leading to insomnia or excessive sleeping, fatigue ( feeling tired all the time ), aches, pain, can have digestive problems, or may feel low on energy even after eating healthy food or after a long sleep. Basically, a depressed person will be lost in his/her own house.

Depression is a common problem

According to, World Health Organisation depression is one of the most common and disabling disorders in the world, and it affects roughly one in five women and one in ten men at some point in their life.  Depression can happen to anyone, it does not matter if you are rich or poor, educated or illiterate, an adult or children or even old. Every single individual have to go through depression once in their life but it is very rare that depression happens twice to the same person. What matters is that the person is able to fight depression or not? This is the only thing that matters. Depression can be more serious if it is combined with other diseases like diabetes, stroke or any kind of heart problem, cardiovascular diseases, or other related problems like anxiety etc etc. Remember we can fight anything in life, and you can also fight depression by yourself.

Causes of depression
How To Cure Depression By Yourself
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What are the causes of depression? scientist agrees that depression is a brain disorder but still the debate on the causes of depression does not stop or come to any final conclusion. There are many causes of depression and we are going to discuss every single of it. To start with:

Following are the causes of depression:

  • Life events: There are certain life events which leave us in shock and we fall in depression, such as death of a beloved one, or an accident.
  • Medications: This is true, there are some form of medications which make us a victim of depression.
  • Personality: Some people can have depression because of their personalities too.
    Other symptoms of depression

    Other symptoms of depression include to be more simpler:

    • Sudden change in sleeping pattern:  When a person hits depression a change in his/her sleeping pattern will occur either they will turn into a insomnia or they will start sleeping for long hours. So if you notice that suddenly you are sleeping less or more consult a doctor and make sure you are not going through depression.
    • Anger: We are not sure as to why this happens but when a person is going through depression he or she will be more angry than normal. Meaning that the person going through depression gets angry even at little things and this can be sign of some serious mental problem.
    • Hard to concentrate: When a person is in depression he or she cannot remain focussed and is unable to make any kind of decision.

How to cure depression by yourself?

There are many ways through which you can cure depression all by yourself and let’s face it who knows you better than you do yourself?

Get in a routine
How To Cure Depression By Yourself
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According to doctors, if you are in depression you need to make a routine!!! Depression can easily slip away from your life if the structure of it is busy and strong!

Set some goals

Goals are a great way to get us going in our personal lives. Start with something small. So, how to cure depression by yourself? Set a routine and new goals in your life, make the most of it.


People who do exercise daily are more positive, happy and fit also. Exercising is a great way to intensely indulge in something! if you are a kind of person who don’t feel like carrying kilos of dumbell. Do not worry just, start by running.

Exercise is really significant for a healthy living and there is no doubt in that. If you  want to live a perfect health living then you should exercise daily without a second thought. Researches have shown that exercising daily can be very healthy and beneficial for our health. Following are some of the perks of exercising regularly:

Exercising regularly increases the span of life of an individual.

  • It also lowers down the risk of various diseases.
  • It also provides higher bone density.
  • Also promotes weight loss.

Eat healthy food

Healthy food is a lot important in a person’s life. We do not get this but eating healthy food actually makes us more first of all healthy, second it makes us more attractive indirectly as when we start eating good food our skin clears and we start shedding weight. so, the answer to your question, how to cure depression by yourself is, start eating good food for a healthy and a good life too.

Get enough sleep

When we do not provide our body the rest it needs it compensate that by  eating more than usual. Do you ever wake up and feel hungry? Yup…this is the reason behind it! You should sleep enough to let your body be fully relaxed, getting enough sleep is a part of healthy living. In depression we often stop sleeping or in some cases start sleeping more than usually we do. So, how to cure depression by yourself? Start getting more sleep first.

 Breathe Deep

If you are feeling tensed or are under stress whether while working or even at home take a minute break and breathe deep it really helps and cure depression by yourself. Repeat this exercise yes, mind exercise for a few times let the air inside you and make you calm. There are many health benefits of taking deep breaths, here are them:

  • One of the biggest health benefits of taking deep breaths is that it kills stress.
  • Releases anxiety.
  • It can calm down strong panic attacks.
  • It can also relieve pain.

Maintaining your patience is really hard these days, as in today’s world people keeping their calm are considered as fools but they are not! Getting angry at any situation is easy but maintaining your patience is a battle within a person inside so, to all those people who are always under stress as they are dealing with their patience issues deep breathes are a great and easiest way to kill stress. You can literally do it anywhere, whether sitting in office, while working or attending a class. Do it whenever you feel like you are under burden. Deep breathes should be an active part of a healthy living as it kills the most common health disaster and that is depression.


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