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What Causes Hair Loss

Our hair has a programmed life cycle. In starting comes the growth phase, then the resting phase and in the last comes the shedding phase. What causes hair loss these days are pollution, change in lifestyle and due to some other health problems. But there are some other causes due to which our amount of hair loss tends to increase. Reason for the hair loss can be simple or complex. Most of the men as well as some women are dealing with the hair loss problem. 

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What Causes Hair Loss :

1. Physical Stress

There are some problems in everyone’s life due to which they take a lot of tension and stress which in turn results in hair fall. Usually this type of hair loss is not permanent. These problems can be due to overthinking of any stressful event or any accident or any bad moment. But this condition is cured as soon as the stress is gone. 

2. Lack of Protein

Not getting enough amount of protein in your diet is also a major cause of hair fall. If there is not enough protein present in your body, then your body may ration protein by shutting down hair growth. You can get a lot of protein from fish, eggs, supplements etc. which are highly rich in proteins. 


3. Deficiency of Vitamin B

Due to low levels of vitamin B in our body, our hair tend to fall causing the problem of hair loss. Eating foods rich in vitamin B can be good for your hair. Fish, vegetables etc. contain good amount of vitamin B. Eating proper and nutritious food can provide nutrients which are essential for your body which will keep the hair healthy.

4. Medications

Taking lot of medicines also trigger hair loss problems. The common ones are like blood pressure drugs and some blood thinners. You can consult with your doctor to help you in that. Either he will lower the dosage of that medicine or will change the medicine.

5. Over-Styling

Over styling is a problem what causes hair loss. Styling your hair and trying different treatments on your hair for years can cause the hair to fall out. These type of hair treatments can attack and weaken the hair root. Excessive use of hair straighteners, hair dryers can have adverse effect on your hair.

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