How To Dissolve A Cataract Without Surgery

How To Dissolve A Cataract

How a cataract forms? Cataracts forms behind the colored part of a human eye that is "iris", as a person ages, the lenses in a person eye becomes less flexible, less transparent and thicker. As a person grows old, growing age and other problems rises and causes lenses to break and

Rare Disease Day and Its Celebration

Rare Disease Day and Its Celebration

Rare Disease Day is an observance held on the last day of February in order to raise awareness for rare diseases and improve access to treatment and medical representation for individuals with rare diseases and their families. It was established in 2008 because, according to European Organisation for Rare Diseases (

Causes And Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

Causes And Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer also known as lung carcinoma, is a lung tumor which is known when or characterized by uncontrolled cell growth in tissues of the lung. If this disease is not treated well or left untreated, this unwanted growth can spread in entire body with the process of metastasis. There

What Is Ebola Virus And What Are Its Symptoms

Ebola Ebola Vaccine Ebola Disease Ebola Virus

Ebola virus disease ( EVD ), also known as Ebola or Ebola hemorrhagic is a viral hemorrhagic  fever which affects humans and other primates, it is caused by Ebola viruses. Usually or normally signs and symptoms of this viral can be seen or typically starts between two days and three

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer And How To Prevent it


Today breast cancer has been a reason behind many women deaths and little knowledge on this topic may lead to hazardous results. Every women especially should be aware about breast cancer and what are the symptoms of breast cancer. What is it? How it develops? What are it's causes? Reason?

What Is Water Intoxication And It’s Causes

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Today we are going to talk about "water", the most important element on the earth. Can you imagine your life without water ? Can you ? Of course no one can ? A human being can not survive even twelve hours without water it is that much important. From our

Depression And Its Symptoms And Warning Signs

Who said living life is easy? Because it looks beautiful and smooth from outside but it is a rocky and hard journey which every single human being have to bear. Life is a combination of all happiness, sadness, loss and gain. Some people recover fast from loss and sadness but

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff Overnight Easily

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What is Dandruff ? According to Wikipedia, Dandruff is the falling of skin cells which are dead from the scalp. As skin cells die a little flaking is normal! About 487,000 cells/cm2 gets normally released. But shedding of dead cells in a large amount is not so cool. Not just shedding

Avian influenza and Its Prevention

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What is Avian Influenza ? What is Avian Influenza ? A lot of people get confused when they first hear the word " Avian ", as most people do not know as to what is the meaning of Avian! Avian Influenza known formally as Avian flu or bird flu refers to influenza