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Best Yoga Asana To Lose Weight Fast

Best Yoga Asana To Lose Weight Fast

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise, it’s not a new trend especially in India. The word “yoga”, has been derived from Sanskrit word “Yug”, which refers to the connection between the body, soul and mind.

Surya Namaskar

Even if you are not a big fan of yoga but you must have heard about Surya Namaskar as it is a famous yoga position. It has been practiced for centuries. Surya Namaskar alone consists of 12 powerful yoga poses in a single set. This set of exercises work on mind by calming it down and by shaping the body as well.

How to perform this posture

First, start with the salutation or pranamasana, to so this stand in a erect position with your feet together and then join your palms at your chest. After this you need to get into Hastaunattasana. Now inhale and stretch your arms by bringing them over your head. Your palms will be still together. Arch your back and stretch your back.

Now, comes the turn of Padahastasana. Exhale and bend your body forward, make sure that your back is straight. Your legs should be perpendicular to the ground. You can slightly bend your knees, there is some relief. Touch the ground with your finger with time you will learn to hold your ankles in this position. When you are about to inhale again, move backward gently drop your knees to the ground. Your left knee should be folded and should be placed within your hands. Make sure that your chest is open and spine lifted. This is known as Ashwa Sanchalanasana.

For the Parvatasana, first exhale and gently take your right leg backward and place it next to the left leg. Raise your buttocks and lower your head and try to keep your heels flat on the ground.

Now comes the Ashtanganamaskara, which means salutation with all the eight limbs. Now exhale and drop your knees on the ground. While you do that bring your chest and chin to the ground too. As you take this position, your chest, chin, toes, knees and hands must touch the floor. As you inhale, lower your hips and push your chest forward and upward. Your spine must be fully arched. At this position your abdomen must be above the floor. This is known as Bhujangasana.

Now exhale and repeat the Parvatasana. Inhale and repeat the Ashwasanchalanasna. Now exhale and repeat the Padahastasana. And inhale and get in to the Hastauttanasana. At the end exhale and finish the Surya Namaskar with the Pranamasana.

Best Yoga Technique To Lose Weight Fast
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Benefits of Surya Namaskar

These sets of asanas or positions are extremely beneficial when it comes to increase height. It also cures all digestive problems. It also strengthens all the muscles in the body and makes them flexible. This sposition acts as a detoxifying agent too. It also helps calm the nerves and relaxes the mind. It makes your skin glow, and prevents hair loss with late greying of hair.

Who should avoid Surya Namaskar?

  • Women in the first trimester of pregnancy should avoid Surya Namaskar.
  • People suffering from high blood pressure and hernia should avoid this position or asana.
  • People suffering from back pain and women during their periods should also not perform Surya Namaskar.

Sukhasana is one of the simplest yoga asanas. It is also known as the happy pose or the easiest pose. But those who have no habit of sitting on the floor this can be a little tough.

How to perform Sukhasana?

Sit flat on the floor and stretch your legs out. Now cross your shins so that both of your feet comes under opposite knees. Your knees must be bent and your legs should be pointed towards your torso. As you relax your feet make sure that the outer edge touches your feet and inner edge arches over your shins. Your thighs should be able to form a triangle with your shins. Also make sure that there is no gap between your pelvis and your feet. After this place your hands on your knees and lengthen your tailbone. Sit with your spine erect. In between take deep breathes and relax.


The main aim of this asana is to calm your brain and relax your body.

Who should not do Sukhasana?

  • People who have hip, spine or knee problem should consult their doctors before doing this sukhasana.

The tada means mountain in Sanskrit. This pose has a lot of physical and mental benefits.

How to perform Tadasana?

Stand straight, keep your feet together and spine erect, your hands should be by your side with your palms facing your face. Inhale deeply with your spine stretching and your hands above your head. Now stand your toes and stretch as much as you can and exhale when you leave the pose.

Benefits of Tadasana

Best Yoga Technique To Lose Weight Fast
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This asana is the key if you want to achieve mind and body balance. This pose helps in stretching the spine.

Who should not preform Tadasana?

  • People who have knee or back pain should first consult their doctor first.

Trikonasana can be translated in to or as the triangle pose. In this asana it is mentioned to keep your eyes open so that you can perform this asana better.

How to perform Trikonasana

Stand and keep both your legs four to five steps apart from each other and your feet should be parallel to each other. Raise your hands but make sure that they are in line with your shoulder. Now bend toward your right and touch toes of your left leg with the fingers of your right. Raise your left hand towards the ceiling and then look upward.

Benefits of Trikonasana

  • This asana strengthens your knees, legs, ankles, chest, and arms.
  • It also increases the physical and mental ability.
  • It reduces sciatica pain and also improve digestion.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety as well.

Who should not preform Trikoasana?

  • You should not do this asana if you have diarrhea, migraine, back and neck pain.
  • People who have low and high blood pressure problem should also avoid it.
Parivrtta Trikoasana

This asana is known as the reverse triangle pose in a fusion of two energies. This asana is easy and amazing as well.

How to perform Parivrtta Trikoasana?

Stand straight with both of your legs stretched out on each side. Lift both of your hands, keeping them in line with your shoulders.  The right hands should be faced upwards, turn your gaze towards your fingertips. Hold this position for about thirty seconds. Then come back to your normal position, where your legs are apart. Repeat this exercise to other side.

Benefits of Parivrtta Trikonasana

  • This asana improves your body balance.
  • It also stretches your entire body and also strengthen your hips, legs and upper back.
  • This asana also helps with detox.

Who should not perform this asana?

Best Yoga Asana To Lose Weight Fast
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  • People who are suffering from migraine, insomnia, low blood pressure, and with headaches.
The bridge pose

Bridge pose works wonder on your back and hips as well.

How to perform the bridge pose?

First, lie down on your back with your hands stretched sideways now and fold your knees, spread them out and now try to raise your body from your pelvis area. If you want you can take support of your hands and can also use them to hold the position too. This asana cum position will be very beneficial for your lower body.

The boat pose

This position cum pose is great for your over all health, this pose works wonder for your belly as it will surely help you get rid of that stubborn belly fat of yours which you want to get rid of desperately.

How to perform the boat pose?

First, lie down on your back, and as the name hints try to make a V position. Try to hold this position for a period of ten minutes at least and increase the duration of this with time.


How this asana works?

This asana is best to tone the facial muscles, and is a good stress buster. This pose is a great pose which is basic and anyone can do it. When you sit in this pose, and perform this pose. Everything is stretched from your tongue to your facial muscles.

Who should not perform this asana?

Best Yoga Asana To Lose Weight Fast
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People with knee problem should avoid this asana and if you find it hard to perform this asana on floor then try to sit on chair and then perform.

Jalandhara  Bandha

How to perform this asana?

It is one of the most sought after asana, especially for thyroid patients. For this asana you have to lock your chins between your chest, collarbones, all this while holding your breath. This asana will make your jawline more sharp and defined.

Who should not perform this asana?

Persons with breathing difficulties should perform this pose under expert supervision. Do not do this asana if you suffer from blood pressure and any heart disease.


How to perform this asana?

This asana comes with a twist, this asana improves the natural flexibility of your upper body and also tone your shoulder blades.

Who should not perform this asana?

People who suffer from headache and insomnia should not perform this asana.


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