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Awesome Tips To Live A Healthy Life

Awesome Tips To Live A Healthy Life

Who does not want to live a perfect healthy life? Everyone! Every single individual wants to be more fit and healthier. There is never enough of a more perfect and healthy lifestyle. There are many ways in which you can be more healthy. Every person has their own way of living their lives, some prefer to eat more fast food than home cooked food, still go to gym and shed weights and remain healthy. Some eat home cooked food and go for long walks, do yoga or dance and remain healthy. Just a reminder when we say healthy living it includes all kinds of things not just food, from the time we wake up, to what is the first thing we eat in morning then do we go for walk or do some kind of physical activities, what kind of activities we do? Do we go out or stay home or spend the entire day in office sitting?

It all depends on the person and their daily life schedules. You can never say or measure that this is the most healthiest way to live or etc. Every person has their own way of living a health lifestyle or measurements of it. But there are certain ways in which or in comparison you can judge that are you living a healthy life or not?  Now let us discuss some methods like them.

Start Drinking More Water

We know…we know that you have heard this thing like a thousand times and you are sick of hearing it again and again but this is a mantra for a healthy living and a lot of other benefits come along it. Drinking more water benefits you nothing else. But remember not more than two liters this much is enough! Water is a need for our complex human body and we are going to tell you why? Following are the things which water do if taken the right amount:

  • It carries out our body functions.
  • Removes waste.
  • It also carries nutrients and oxygen all around our body.
Awesome Tips To Live A Healthy Life
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We lose water also through urination and it can be frustrating if we do not provide our body the same amount or maybe more than that it has urinated. There are other benefits also like drinking water helps you in losing weight too.

Sleep Well

When we do not provide our body the rest it needs it compensate that by  eating more than usual. Do you ever wake up and feel hungry? Yup…this is the reason behind it! You should sleep enough to let your body be fully relaxed, getting enough sleep is a part of healthy living.


We all know that meditation is good for a person overall health, meditation calms down a person entirely. It connects a person spiritually, mentally and physically to his or her inner side. There is only one way to meditate perfectly, just sit down and make sure you are not gonna get disturbed while performing it and you are good to go. Doing meditation is also a part of a healthy living.


Exercise is really significant for a healthy living and there is no doubt in that. If you  want to live a perfect health living then you should exercise daily without a second thought. Researches have shown that exercising daily can be very healthy and beneficial for our health. Following are some of the perks of exercising regularly:

Awesome Tips To Live A Healthy Life
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  • Exercising regularly increases the span of life of an individual.
  • It also lowers down the risk of various diseases.
  • It also provides higher bone density.
  • Also promotes weight loss.

Instead of a lift, climb stairs, choose walking to near places.

Work Out Different Parts of Your Body

Yes…you need to do this if you desire a healthy living. Exercising different parts of your body is necessary as eating three meals in a day! People go out for a walk and think this is enough for today, enough of exercising. But by doing just cardio you cannot achieve a healthy living. The easiest way to do exercise is by joining a sport, such as basketball, football, swimming, tennis, badminton etc etc.

Consume More and More Fruits

This is not a new advice! Fruits contains a lot of vitamin and minerals, and you should eat them on regular basis if you truly want to live a healthy living. Instead of eating vitamin C tablets why not eat oranges? They are far more better than eating vitamin C tablets. There are a lot of fruits you can eat such as Apple, Oranges, Apricots, Avocado, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Papaya and strawberries.

Eat More Vegetables
Awesome Tips To Live A Healthy Life
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This is again not a new thing we all know that eating vegetables is good for a person health and necessary for a healthy living.

Slow Down on Processed Food

Processed food is not all good to eat especially daily! Processed are not good because of the following reasons:

  • All the nutritional value of a food is lost in the production or making of it.
  • Most of the processed food contain a high amount of salt in it.
  • And a high amount of salt leads to high blood pressure and heart disease.
  • The preservatives which are added in it are not at all good for a person health.

If you want to live a healthy living then you should definitely cut out eating processed food.

Barefoot Walking and Running

There area  lot of positive effects on an individuals overall health of barefoot walking/ running. Following are some of the benefits of it:

  • It gives you a better and more fine posture.
  • Less stress for your feet.
  • Less stress for your joints also.

Include this in your list of healthy living too.

Breathe Deep

If you are feeling tensed or are under stress whether while working or even at home take a minute break and breathe deep it really helps and is a great way to kill stress. Repeat this exercise yes, mind exercise for a few times let the air inside you and make you calm. There are many health benefits of taking deep breaths, here are them:

  • One of the biggest health benefits of taking deep breaths is that it kills stress.
  • Releases anxiety.
  • It can calm down strong panic attacks.
  • It can also relieve pain.

Maintaining your patience is really hard these days, as in today’s world people keeping their calm are considered as fools but they are not! Getting angry at any situation is easy but maintaining your patience is a battle within a person inside so, to all those people who are always under stress as they are dealing with their patience issues deep breathes are a great and easiest way to kill stress. You can literally do it anywhere, whether sitting in office, while working or attending a class. Do it whenever you feel like you are under burden. Deep breathes should be an active part of a healthy living as it kills the most common health disaster and that is stress.

Awesome Tips To Live A Healthy Life
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Be More Active In Your Social Life

If you are under stress please do not lock yourself down in your room as it will only make things worse nothing else. Get the hell out of your house, go out with your friends or interact with your neighbor. Just by talking to someone will make you busy and you will yourself feel relaxed and stress free. Hence, roaming around and making friends or even interacting is a great stress killer and can repair your bad mood instantly. This surely is an awesome way to a healthy living. Isn’t it?

Do What Your Heart Says

Sometimes in life we are under stress because we find ourselves in dilemma as  what should we do? It is a constant battle between heart and mind. In these kind of situations just do what your heart says, be practical but also let your heart speak once in a while. Doing what your heart says is another amazing way to a healthy living as it takes away all your stress and tensions away.

Make Little Changes In Your Life

If you have tried everything and still feel under stress than think about making huge changes in your life at first it can seem impossible and hard to imagine but maybe later you can feel stress-free and out of pressure. Try moving out of your old apartment and find a new one, find a new job.

Say No To Oily Foods

To a live a healthy living quitting oily food is a must. Reduce your intake of oily and greasy food, such as fries, doughnuts, chips all kinds, food which is deep fried.

Go Organic

First, let us tell you what are organic food! Organic foods are foods which are produced without “using irradiation, industrial solvents, or chemical food solvents”, The organic food is fastly getting significance and is a part of a healthy living nowadays.

Do Not Consume Alcohol

Alcohol is diuretic just like caffeine. And not only this alcohol have negative effects on the proper functioning of our brain, liver, lungs and other major organs. Avoid alcohol in order to live a healthy living.

These were some awesome tips on living a healthy living, and if you want to live your life by being fit and healthy start living this way.

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