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7 Awesome Tricks To Lose Belly Fat

Lose Belly Fat

Lot of people have been asking us many times about how to loose belly fat, what diet should they follow and what training should they do. Answering each and every one of them separately is difficult. We thought why not share all the knowledge that we have gathered so far about how to lose belly fat and the best way to do it. So, we have written 7 Awesome Tricks to Lose Belly Fat.

Every time we hear someone asking us should I stop eating rice or which fat burner should I use to lose belly fat, we get irritated, not because of them asking questions, but due to some bad trainers out there who spread all this myth without any good knowledge about nutrition or workouts on how to lose belly fat.


Lose Belly Fat
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Even I was a prey some years back to a similar trainer, who used to ask me to do 20 minutes of treadmill, 20 minutes of cycling, 20 minutes of elliptical every day and had asked me to stop eating food to lose belly fat. Yes I lost fat, but i also lost all the muscle and i was looking fit with t shirt on, but ugly when i remove my shirt, and very easily i gained back all the weight when i couldn’t do any more cardio.

Losing weight is a just a plain and simple mathematics.

Amount of calories in < Amount of calories burnt

The tough part is finding out how many calories do you burn in an average day to easily lose belly fat. That’s where a good trainer can be angel sent from heaven. But if you can’t afford one, then still you can find it out, you just need some patience and hard work to track your calories that you eat daily and also check your weight every single day for at least two weeks. At the end, it would not be easy to lose belly fat.

Let’s say you start eating 2500 calories every day and start tracking your weight everyday too, and after 1 week, check if your weight has reduced or is same or increased, If its same then great, you have found your maintenance calorie and you can start with tricks to lose belly fat, but if the weight has increased it means you need to extend your experiment for one more week with reduced calorie and vice versa if your weight had decreased, and in worst case within a month you should be able to find your maintenance calories. After this step is completed, you can carry on with the method to lose belly fat.

Once you know your maintenance calories, just follow the below points to lose belly fat in the best way possible and without gaining back all the weight post dieting.


7 Awesome Tricks to Lose Belly Fat – “Take Your Time”.

Give yourself enough time to cut the fat, don’t try to be in hurry to lose belly fat, especially when there is lot of fat to lose. Remember that slow and steady always wins the race, the faster you try to cut your Fat, the faster you are going to gain the belly fat soon once you finish your crash diet and get back to your old diet (Unless you plan to stay at very low calorie level forever to maintain your body). Also there are lot of chances that you lose your hard earned muscle in the process of quick result. Always plan on making a lifestyle change rather than crash diet to lose belly fat.


Lose Belly Fat
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7 Awesome Tricks To Lose Belly Fat – “Be In Calorie Deficit”

Once you get to know your maintenance calorie, next step is to get into calorie deficit, but how much deficit is ideal to lose belly fat?

Always start with least amount of deficit possible to lose belly fat. You can start with around 200–300 calorie deficit from your maintenance calorie to start to lose belly fat.

Why such less deficit? That’s because in order to lose belly fat, if we reduce calories drastically then our body gets into Emergency survival mode (This usually takes more than a month of time to get into such mode). Since all of a sudden the daily calories are reduced drastically, body starts holding on to fat even more(since it’s the only source body can use when there is no food available for body), it reduces the metabolism of body so that it can survive on such low calorie level. Remember that the body doesn’t look at fat as enemy, but instead it looks at fat as a friend who will help in survival during emergency.

So that’s a double whammy right there, reduced metabolism (amount of calories burned by body) and reduced ability to burn fat. And also another problem with large deficit is, once we reach a plateau, which is very common with any kind of lose belly fat diet you follow, there are no much options/variables to vary in order to break the plateau. So it always better to start with least amount of calorie deficit possible to lose belly fat, start with around 200–300 calorie deficit.



7 Awesome Tricks To Lose Belly Fat – “Macro Nutrient Ratio”

This is a complex topic to address on how to lose belly fat. It varies from person to person depending on various factor, like what work they do, what body type they have, how sensitive they are to various macro nutrients and many other factors. Start with this method to lose belly fat mentioned below, this will be best bet for 99% of them to lose belly fat, but for remaining 1 % this ratio may not work well, and they should consult any expert to understand the fault, who has experience on this topic and on whom you have trust.

But again let’s go with more generalized approach to lose belly fat.

Best ratio would be 40:40:20 ratio to lose belly fat. 40% from protein, 40% from carbohydrates and remaining 20% from fats. So divide your total calorie into the above ratios and later divide these calorie level by respective calorie factor (4 for carbohydrates and protein and 9 for fat). For example, if my calorie intake after being in deficit is around say 2000 calories, 40% would be 800 calories, and 20% would be 400 calories and as we know each gram of protein/carbohydrate is 4 calorie and fat is 9 calorie, we divide the amount of calories by this factor respectively , that equates to 200 Grams of Carbohydrate and and 200 grams protein (800/4) and 44 grams of fat(400/9). So once you have your macro nutrient ratio, you know your daily target to hit in order to lose belly fat.


7 Amazing Tricks to Lose belly fat
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7 Awesome Tricks To Lose Belly Fat – “Food Sources”

Lot of people have this myth that if you want to lose belly fat, we need to stop eating rice or stop eating sugar and so on, That’s not true. Each and every carbohydrate is ultimately combination of sugar molecules. Few carbohydrate sources break down very fast in the system (Simple Carbohydrates) and few break down very slowly(Complex Carbohydrates). It’s always better to have majority of your carbohydrate sources from slow digesting. We will not get into the reason for the above statement, or else it’s going to be a very very long post, but I will soon write a post on that topic in case you are interested, please let me know in the comments.

So, there is no magical property in rice that will make you gain fat, you can have it until it fits your macro goals for the day, and you don’t exceed them in order to lose belly fat. People normally suggest you to have complex carbs because you tend to feel full when you eat complex carbs and you will not feel that hungry all the time which will help you to lose belly fat. Also, because most of the whole grains, vegetables and brown rice has a lot of micro nutrients in it which is very essential for body to function properly, whereas if you take a spoon of sugar, you have nothing but empty carbohydrate calories which is not going to help to lose belly fat.

So you can Google for complex carbohydrates on internet and find your favorite food from the list and occasionally here and there, you can also have few simple carbohydrate until it fits your macro to lose belly fat. And one most important thing to consider is drinking enough water. I can’t stress how important it is to drink enough water to lose belly fat, sometimes just increasing your water intake itself decreases lot of weight (it could be water weight or fat loss). Try drinking at least 3 to 4 liters of water a day.



7 Awesome Tricks To Lose Belly Fat – “Tracking Your Calories”

If you are serious to lose belly fat, then we would recommend you to start tracking calories accurately, this will help in two ways.

(i)  It’s easier to break the plateau when you know exactly how much you are eating to lose belly fat.

(ii) You can start doing flexible dieting and enjoy the whole process of losing belly  fat (but I don’t recommend this for those who are very serious and trying to prep for competition).

So you can buy a Kitchen weighing scale and Download a free app in your mobile which is called as MyfitnessPal and in case you don’t have android or IOS, you can use your computer browser for tracking the same.


7 Awesome Tricks To Lose Belly Fat – “Cardio”

Again, It is always better to start with least amount of cardio possible to lose belly fat and then keep adding the amount of time or number of sessions as you hit plateau. Best place to start with is one or two cardio session of 20 minutes of moderate intensity, this combined with 200–300 calorie deficit should be enough to kick-start your fat loss journey to loss belly fat. Once you reach plateau, you can either start adding time to your cardio session or keep the time same and instead add extra session of cardio.

Again it’s not necessary to do cardio, basic formula to lose belly fat is we need to be in calorie deficit, and if you are in calorie deficit without doing cardio, you are going to lose belly fat, only advantage of doing cardio is you can eat more compared to the diet when you don’t do cardio.

HIIT(Hight Intensity Interval Cardio) or Low intensity doesn’t really matter that much, you can do whichever form you like to do to lose belly fat. HIIT will burn less calorie during the exercise and burn more rest of the day, whereas Low intensity cardio will burn more calorie during the exercise and burn almost no calorie rest of the day.

7 Awesome Tricks to Lose Belly Fat
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7 Awesome Tricks To Lose Belly Fat – “Breaking The Plateau”

There are various reasons of getting into plateau, but let’s not get into reasons of getting there and instead let’s focus on how to break the plateau. There are various methods to lose belly fat, lots and lots of them, I will discuss only two most common principles to lose belly fat. More advanced methods using this principle can be used depending on person to person based on various factors.

First way to lose plateau is reducing the amount of calorie consumed or increase the amount of time of cardio, and increase the deficit by another 200 per day to lose belly fat.

Sometimes our body gets used to the daily routine exercise we do, it becomes more efficient at doing that and hence we start burning less calories for doing the same exercise and our fat loss comes to halt due to which it becomes difficult to lose belly fat. Simple remedy for this would be to shock your body with new routine of exercise or new type of cardio or new style of diet but maintaining the amount of macro goal.

So this concludes almost everything in brief about how to lose belly fat. Yes there is lot more science about how to lose belly fat and we can talk for ages if we go in depth about everything to lose belly fat, but i think the above stated points are the basics and most fundamental things to lose belly fat that is most important and any other techniques to lose belly fat just won’t work if the fundamentals are not followed.

Let me know if you still have any doubts regarding this or if there is any mistake in the above points in the comments below. I will be happy to answer them.

Stay fit 🙂 Cheers!


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