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33 Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide


What is hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical compound with formula H2O2. To put it in simple words it is a colourless liquid, a little bit viscous than water. Hydrogen Peroxide is the simplest peroxide. It is used in many places, such as it is used as an oxidizer, bleaching agent and disinfectant. It is also in a rocketry, Hydrogen Peroxide is also a reactive oxygen species. Hydrogen Peroxide is highly unstable and slowly decomposes in the presense of a base or a catalyst. And this is the reason it is typically stored with a stabilizer in a weekly acidic solution. Hydrogen Peroxide is also found in human body.

Physical Properties of Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Hydrogen Peroxide is a pale blue syrup liquid.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide boils and decomposes at 150C and freezes at about -0.9C.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide dissolves in water in order to give a very weak acidic reaction.

Chemical properties of Hydrogen Peroxide

  1. Decomposition: To make it really easy to understand, Hydrogen Peroxide decomposes itself to form water  and oxygen if exposed to air. It is decomposed by heating.
  2. Reducing agent: Hydrogen Peroxide also works as an reducing agent, when it reacts with a more powerful oxidizing agent by either donating electrons or accepting oxygen. The reduction process leads to hydrogen peroxide itself being converted to gaseous form.
How Hydrogen Peroxide was discovered?

Hydrogen Peroxide was first described in 1818 by Louis Jacques Thenard, who produced it by treating barium peroxide with nitric acid, but the attempt was not successful. In 1892, Italian physical chemist Giacomo Carrara, determined it’s molecular mass by freezing- point depression.

Now, we are going to talk about the different uses of Hydrogen Peroxide.

It can be used as a bleaching agent

Hydrogen Peroxide is a great bleaching agent as it is gentle on hairs, and it is way more gentle than household bleach and is great when it comes to lightening hair.

Use it to add highlights

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Everybody likes that classic “sun-bleached” look, just spray some hydrogen peroxide all over your damp hair and let it soak in for fifteen minutes before rinsing it out.

Can disinfect wounds

Hydrogen Peroxide is a natural anti-septic, therefore one of the most common use of it is to clean wounds in order to prevent infection.

Toothhydrogen Peroxide

Just take a little but of baking soda and add hydrogen peroxide in it, and use it daily, apply it on your teeth in order to make them more white and also it can remove stains from your teeth if used daily.

Antiseptic mouth rinse

As a lot of people are unaware of this use of hydrogen peroxide , but you can also rinse your mouth with it too, to get rid of bad breath and also to get rid of bacteria.

Use it as toothbrush disinfectant

Just soak your toothbrush in Hydrogen Peroxide to get rid of all the bacteria and germs which live in your bathroom environment.

Make your nails brighter

Yes, you can make your nails more white with the help of hydrogen peroxide. Just soak your fingertips and toenails in hydrogen peroxide and you will see the magic yourself.

Clean your acne

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You can clean your face to get rid of acne with hydrogen peroxide and also it can improve your complexion.

Help heal boils

Add 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide in to warm bath water soak to treat boils.

Soften corns and calluses

Just like to heal boils, to soften corns and calluses add appropriate amount of hydrogen peroxide in half bucket of water and let it do it’s work.

Helps in removing ear wax

The trickiest thing to do, to get rid of ear wax! Well, with the help of hydrogen peroxide it is now easier. Put a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide into ears, wait a minute or two, then add a little bit of olive oil too. Wait for a minute and after that remove fluid from your ears.

Prevents swimmer’s ear

After taking a swim a lot of people complaint about getting an infection, so in order to be prepared, just use hydrogen peroxide, put a few drops of it in your ear to prevent yourself from the infection.

Kill ear infection

If you are suffering from a ear infection, then hydrogen peroxide is an answer to your problem. Just put 6 to 8 drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear to alleviate and help clear the infection.

Also kill sub-dermal parasites

To kill parasites naturally, just apply a little bit of hydrogen peroxide to it and soon you will see the results yourself.

Get rid of foot fungus

If you are suffering from foot fungus, then hydrogen peroxide is answer to your trouble. Just take a bottle, make a solution of water with hydrogen peroxide and spray on your feet before going to sleep every single night until fungus disappears.

Hydrogen peroxide uses in kitchen and bath

Clean your tiles with hydrogen peroxide

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In order to get rid of tough stains, just spray a little bit of hydrogen peroxide on all over your kitchen tiles.

Whiten grout

Mix  a little bit of hydrogen peroxide with white flour and apply it all over the grout, cover it with plastic cover. Next day remove and rinse it water and get a brighter and whiter grout.

Toilet bowls

To make your toilet bowls clean and germ free, just pour  a half cup of hydrogen peroxide in your toilet bowl and let it soak for at least thirty minutes.

Also remove tub scum

You can also spray hydrogen peroxide on you soap, mug and in bathtub to get rid of stains. Let it rinse for thirty minutes before cleaning all of them.

Control mold and mildew

To stop fungul growth spray hydrogen peroxide on areas where there is mold and mildew.

Glass surfaces

Spray hydrogen peroxide on mirrors and all glass surfaces it will make dirt loose and easier to clean. And wipe with lint free and clean piece of cloth.

Also disinfect counter tops

To get rid of all the germs from your kitchen and bathroom countertops, just spray hydrogen peroxide the rest will do it’s work.

Soak sponges and dishrags

To disinfect all the sponges and dishrags let them soak in hydrogen peroxide for fifteen minutes.

Wash fruits and vegetables

Yes, you can spray hydrogen peroxide on your fruits and vegetables too, to get rid of wax, dirt and other bacteria. Let them soak for a minute before rinsing it with water.

You can also clean your refrigerator

Spray hydrogen peroxide in your refrigerator and let it soak for a minute or two, then clean your refrigerator with clean cloth to clean all the germs.

House uses of hydrogen peroxide

Used to lighten laundry

Add about half a cup of hydrogen peroxide in your laundry to wash your clothes, and also you can soak your fabrics to get rid of yellow stains.

Also remove organic stains

Mix tow cups of hydrogen peroxide with one cup of dish detergent to get rid of organic stains such as coffee, tea and wine etc.

De-funk musty fabrics

To remove and get rid of unwanted odours, soak all your musty fabrics in hydrogen peroxide with white vinegar.

Clean your rugs and carpets

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To get rid of stains from mud, food etc, soak your rugs and carpets in hydrogen peroxide but remember it can bleach some fabric too.

Clean re-useable bags

To remove the dirt, stains and food odours from your bags just soak them or clean them with hydrogen peroxide.

Also disinfect lunchboxes

Spray hydrogen peroxide in your lunch boxes, coolers and coolers bag to get rid of all the germs.

Improve seed germination

You can also soak seeds in hydrogen peroxide to remove fungal spores, and increase germination rates.



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